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Sielei Saint Tropez Bikini

I have to admit this was supposed to have been reviewed last year, but seeing as I had a lot going on and holidays were out the question, I could not get this stunner out to trial!

But seeing as i=I went to Amsterdam and the hotel we stayed at had a spa, this was my perfect opportunity to whip it out (I mean the bikini by the way!)

Just to let you know that you won’t really be seeing me in this, but images of what you get 🙂

The Spec

Colour: Topaz

Size: UK 8

Price: £34.95 / Sale 20.97

Website: UKSwimwear – Sielei Saint Tropez Bikini

The Review

From The Website: Living up to its namesake, the celebrated beach resort on the French Riviera, the Saint Tropez swimsuit is embellished with sparking sequins and is styled in a sumptuous, precious topaz colour, reflected the shimmer of the sea. The top has triangle cups and a plunge sequin-edged neckline. It ties at the mid-back and at the neck to your own preference of length. The brief offers excellent coverage at the back and sides, for optimal tanning under the Mediterranean sun.

* Sequin adornment
* Halter neck
* Soft cups
* Deep hip brief


The Packaging: so this came in a cute little clear box with the model wearing it on the front (this was on cardboard).

It’s a clear box where you can see the bikini inside – just making sure that’s the one you ordered!

Getting in I found a little strange; it’s one that you open at the top and then just shake the bikini out unless you fancy sticking your hand into it.



The Top: so the bikini top is uber cute. It has a sequin design on the edge of the cups and then works into a string for the halterneck and back.

These cups aren’t padded and there is no option to add in any padding, so I would forewarn you if you decide to wear this on a cold day – those little nips will be poking right on through!

The material on the inside is super soft and non-irritable as well which is always great; they last thing you want is itchy cherries!

The straps themselves are decent and you can adjust them to however you like; I left mine at the top quite loose as I don’t like to wear it tight around the neck and the fit around the back is according to how much you want to cover your front. These are really stretchy and very well elasticated, so there is no way that threads will pull away!

At first I pulled mine too tight, which meant I kept getting nip slips )which was just awkward) as I had to keep looking down most of the time. The 2nd time around, I tied it just right (not too tight or loose) and it sat really well on.



The Bottoms: the bottoms are perfect if you’re the type to keep yourself covered and sassy. I don’t mind bikinis that expose a little more, but that’s when I wanna get myself a tan and not just wear it to go to the spa.

These have good coverage front and back, and are quite thick when it gets lower down (this means that you’re contained inside the brief rather than everything wanting to let loose). I have seen some bikinis where they look so small on the woman, it’s just dreadful. I won’t even mention what I saw, but this is why I always make sure that I have enough room and they are a comfortable fit.

These had tags on which will need to be removed and they are good to go.

Once again, these are non-irritable and fit really well on. They aren’t too tight or loose in any way and do hug really nicely around the waist so you don’t need to worry.



The Design: I am loving the colour of this and that gorgeous sequin design it has; I would normally go for black or darker colours when it comes to bikinis, but I am so glad I tried this on as it looked amazing on.

It suited my figure and colouring really well, and the design is that subtle classy touch to it. I like prints normally, but this is just enough to wear if you want something more low key.



The Fit: I gotta say these fit really well; I am a hit and miss with a UK size 8 now and again as all brands have different fittings, but this was down to the T. It gave me the chance to tighten or loosen if needed, and the bottoms fit me like a dream.

One thing I always go for in bikinis is how they fit. I’m never too fussed about the design or shape or pattern, but more about if it’s comfortable and if I went in the water, will it fall right off me? I have had that with a tankini once and it was so embarrassing, so I have made it a little goal that it needs to look right and fit well before I can wear it out.



My Thoughts?

Overall … I wish I did this review sooner! I am loving this bikini with a passion and it has turned out to be one of mt favourites!

The fit is really good, the colour is just stunning and the design of it is to die for!