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Shredded Effect Tights by Love Your Legs

And I am back in Love Your Legs! I am loving their own brands at the moment – sometimes they are nicer than known brands and their concepts are different than what you normally see out there. So I am glad to be in a pair that I haven’t come across before and style in a way you wouldn’t think *wink wink*


My Outfit

So I went back to my old style and decided to make them the subtle statement piece. The top half I kept light and sheer and the bottom I went with a bolder cream skirt with that has that frayed effect which I think works really well with the tights. I kept the shoes simple so I could make this more office-wear than casual. I wanted to style it so it is something that can work at work rather than just being dressed with rock / punk / edgy clothing.

My Deets:

Sheer Shirt: New Look

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Tights: via Love Your Legs Online


The Review

Packaging: This time I am working with simple packaging – like something you would find in a store. It’s not in plastic packaging, so it’s easier to get into. The only bad thing is that these do have cardboard in them. But the plus side is that the denier is pretty thick. so you should be fine even if you are a little rough with them.


On The Legs: Getting them on you will find that these are quite long in length, but they shape to your legs well. I always line up from the toes and work up and I found that the right leg had the shred go quite bent to the side and the left leg sat in the middle. So you may have to tweak a little; I ended up having to move the toe area more to the left so it sat bent on the toes just to make sure that the shred design sat straight on the legs.


Toe Love: Around the toes is really comfortable; you have a lot of playroom in them even in tight fitting shoes. I didn’t have a problem at any point here! I think these are also reinforced as there is a very faint band going across the front of the toes (even the flash couldn’t pick it up on here)!


Deniers: I love the fact that these are on a really dark denier (and I’m talking around 60-80 here); it makes the shred design a lot more realistic rather than on lighter deniers. I’m not saying it wouldn’t work but if you want realism, these are the ones. And to be honest it doesn’t even matter if you do add your own snags into it, it will just work!


Crinkles: Now let me mention the ankles here as this is something that annoyed me throughout the day! As these are a thick denier, what comes with it? Crinkles!! And around the ankles is where I found most of mine! It’s fine if you have shoes or boots that cover it, but seeing as mine were open strap court shoes, it was a slight pain looking down to see that!


Stepping Into The Light: In the sunlight, I love the way they look. It’s one thing in the dark, but when the light is on them, that’s where it looks so amazing! The 10 denier sheers underneath really help lift the pattern without showing bare skin!

I have to say I wasn’t a fan when I first saw these but when I put the outfit together, I was so impressed at how well it worked and it’s something that you could consider for Spring – dark deniers with a little pattern at the front if you’re not comfortable wearing bolder prints on your legs!PhotoGrid_1493224969413

The Feel: These do feel really nice on the legs; a very soft denier but a denier that shows fluff and dust on them if you’re not careful. I have had to dust myself down a few times today, but I wasn’t too fussed! Normally I hate it and have the lint roller ready!


Do these snag easy?” Well I can’t say that they do to be honest, but I did have a near miss  and the best part is that it didn’t show and if it did, I would have just said “It’s part of the pattern!”



Overall Thoughts?

I am seriously liking these! It’s a pair that I wouldn’t have dreamt of having in my collection but I am so glad that I have. And seeing that nets and all things lace and edgy are in, I think these would work so well in that category. I personally would wear thee under jeans next time with larger rips in just to emphasise it!

Otherwise I would recommend this pair if you’re into your patterns and fashion as these can be rocked in so many different ways.

Visit the site to get your awesome pair > Love Your Legs Shredded Tights

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