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Shimmer Shimmer Shimmer with Falke Shelina

I am finally back in a pair of tights – and I have truly missed them! I have opted for Falke Shelina 12 Denier tights as I wanted something that makes the legs look slightly tanned and then glistens when the sun hits it and these were perfect.


Now that it has slightly cooled down in Leicester, I managed to roll them up my legs this morning – winner!! I love the fact that they give two different looks in different lighting – the first pictures that is when the curtain is closed whilst the sun is beaming and the last two show what they look like when they’re in direct sunlight!


I am not too sure if most of you have read my review of these on LegsLavish Exclusive when I did my 7 Day Nude Challenge but I wasn’t too keen on them. They do move a lot – before I was wearing  a bodycon with it (so it’s expected there) but this time I opted for a flowy dress and they still do fall slightly.

I won’t give it all away but if you haven’t read it, you need to head over there and see the lowdown!


My Outfit Today

I went with (once again) black and red this week – I wanted to add a touch of colour to my outfit and I haven’t worn these shoes in ages! I thought they would go with the shimmer look and just add that touch of formal to this look.

My Deets:

Dress – H&M

Tights – Gifted by LegsLavish Exclusive

Shoes – Matalan


5 thoughts on “Shimmer Shimmer Shimmer with Falke Shelina

  1. Always love the shimmery tan tights! Great pairing with black, as it helps to bring out the tannish color. Also fantastic contrast with the sunlight, as it greatly enhances the shine. Well done! Have you considered a Darker, Shiny Tan tight? Would also be fabulous with black skirt.