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Sheer Tulle Star Ankle Socks

Back into mesh we go, with this pair that I bought along the ones below:

Unbranded Glitter Tulle Socks

Unbranded Sheer Net Socks

There isn’t much to say about these, so treat this more like a visual blog!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size

Denier: Around 15

Price & Website: Unknown


The Review

The Packaging: so these came in a small clear packet, which nothing on there that is in English and anything about the socks inside. No image, no information, so see below 🙂


Getting Them On: now before you start to get them on, just make sure you turn these outside in as the seams will be sticking out on the outside (if that makes sense!) and you want them to sit flush against the feet and ankle.

I didn’t have to scrunch and roll these on, but you can if you wish. They glided right on and once your shoes are on, these will fall themselves unless you choose to really crease them around the bottom ankle.



On The Feet: I love how cute they look; the stars especially! I didn’t wrinkly mine anymore than what it did itself as I like the natural fallen look.

As these are a one size, I felt these were perfect for my size feet as they had enough room to wiggle toes, not feel tight around the feet and do that wrinkle look effortlessly.

I normally keep my seams on the inner leg, however I made a boo boo on one of them as I kept it on the outer leg instead.

You can always add ribbons and lace yourself if you wish to spice them up a little more, but I liked them quite simple, so I left it. But I would easily get some ribbon and tie around the ankle to give a little ruffle at the top as well as the wrinkles everywhere else.



My Thoughts?

These are real cheap and do the job, so I can’t complain. I have come across pairs that start from £20.00 and they look pretty much the same, so it all depends really. The quality and texture of them worked well with my feet and I had no issues whatsoever being in them for the day.

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