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Sheer Chemistry Confidence; Matt Control Tights

And hello Sheer Chemistry! I got to know of this brand via Hosiery4Men and am I glad that I did! I have seen them pop up on their blog not that long ago, and when I saw that they were doing skin tone shades for all different coloured women, I just had to try them out for myself!

If you haven’t read their blog on the Confidence Matt Control Tights, you need to > SHEER CHEMISTRY “CONFIDENCE” 15 DENIER MATT CONTROL TIGHTS

So I left it in the company’s capable hands to find what shade I might be and roll with it… And I have to say they nailed it in one!

About Sheer Chemistry

“If you’re a woman of colour, you’ve probably become accustomed to, perhaps even proud of your growing collection of black opaque tights. 

Tried to go ‘nude’?

Chances are that these attempts have left your legs looking closer to beige than anything reminiscent of your beautiful brown complexion.

‘Sheer Chemistry is a movement. A celebration of women of all shades of brown, in all your glory’.

Founded in 2013 by Tahlia Gray, Sheer Chemistry is an empowering hosiery brand, driven by a mission to create a more diverse perception of beauty. As a young professional living in New York, she became frustrated by her inability to find tights to match her skin tone during a blisteringly cold winter. Dissatisfied with the lack of options on the market, and tired of alternating between black opaque tights and beige coloured tones labelled ‘nude’, Sheer Chemistry was established to create tights for women of all shades of brown.

Designed for ambitious, radiant and confident women who want tights to seamlessly complement their fashion choices, we’re dedicated to creating quality products that empower you to feel confident and gorgeous in your own skin.

With shades inspired by Tahlia’s own intrepid adventures around the world, we now give you the opportunity to find your perfect match.


– taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: Havana Glow

Size: Small

Denier: 15

Materials: 81% Polyamide, 18% Elastane, 1% Cotton

Price: £12.00

Website: Sheer Chemistry – Confidence – Havana Glow


My Outfit

I know I have done this outfit before with nude tights, but I was dying to wear my suede skirt and again not dress it up too much, so I opted for denim (with a black cami top) to tone it down and then added my awesome leopard print shoes to give it a bit of oomph!

I left my hair in some weird wavy curly hair and just added small studs as I kept it simple for work. You can always add a gold choker!

My Deets

Cami Bodysuit: New Look

Shirt: Republic

Skirt: Primark

Tights: Sheer Chemistry

Shoes: Head Over Heels by Dune



The Review

From The Website: Confidence is the new sexy.

Got body? Show your curves some love with tights designed with sculpted panels to smooth your waist, lift your bum and tone your thighs. The ultimate confidence boost made to accentuate and flatter your curvaceous body.

Your secret weapon to be worn with any LBD or figure hugging ensemble.



  • 15 denier appearance
  • Matt finish
  • Control top with sculpted panels
  • Flatseams with cotton gusset
  • Sheer reinforced toe
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Fibre composition: 81% Polyamide, 18% Elastane, 1% Cotton
  • LYCRA® BEAUTY shaping technology, providing support, sculpting and comfort


When They First Arrived: so I will be putting this section in the next few blogs as I review their hosiery as I had all 3 delivered at once.

I was super impressed with their packaging as they have their own little logo on the address label.

Getting inside, I received a lovely card from them along with a promo card talking about the brand and what makes them unique.

One thing I LOVE that they do is that they colour code their hosiery; the blue wrapping was for confidence, the purple is for ambition and the pink is for radiance – and they matched their tissue wrapping to the packaging!

I love how cute and inventive that is!



The Packaging: so my one being reviewed today is the Confidence – matt control top tights. I thought I would start off with these as I love control tops!

The front is a drawn model wearing the hosiery but it’s a lovely darker shade on the legs rather than the normal lighter skin models. The back delved into a little more detail about the hosiery (sizing, hosiery care, the denier):

“Lycra soft comfort waistband.

Control top brief to lift and shape your curves.

Cotton gusset with flat seams.

Sheer toe.”

When you get inside, these are kept folded neatly around a piece of card in plastic wrapping.



Getting Them On: so the best thing about these is that they are vertically folded to give that subtle leg shaping, which helps you to easily slip the hosiery on. I used the scrunch and roll on both legs as I didn’t want to be too rough with them the 1st time round I will with the next pair so I can test them out!

These were fine over anklets, but take care getting them over sharper ones that might catch on.



On The Legs: I kept asking myself if these are even matt? Like that subtle shine to them is just gorgeous and even in dullish lighting, they still shone!

They hug the legs really well, and there is no extra material for them to fall down either. They’re so soft and smooth to touch which is just a dream; to the point that your legs start sliding off one another.

I love how they fit and the feel of them is to die for! They made my legs look amazing without even trying. What I love is how the company was able to match up my skin tone without me being there personally, and they got it spot on. They matched it so well that it actually gave me a slight tannish shade, which looked gorgeous (especially if you’re exposing legs in winter months).

The quality is fantastic; no snag, no runs, silky smooth goodness and these have got some durability to them. When I was rolling them down I was being quite rough at the end and these withstood quite a bit. I really like what this company has got going on here!


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The Control Top: so the top is so comfortable I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved these control tops. Now you instantly think “these are gonna squeeze me so I can’t breathe” – little exaggeration there but honestly it is nothing like that.

These are like a light grip from the waist down to the thighs, and it doesn’t squeeze the life out of you either. I absolutely love them and one of the best control tops which are comfortable and still let your waist and bum breathe too!

I didn’t feel like these hugged me too tight that it felt uncomfortable; they were just right!

So let me tell you about the look; the front is quite plain and has a few stitches that work in different directions. The back has 2 elasticated panels which helps to curve your bum nicely (if it isn’t already).


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The Toes & Ankles: so these aren’t reinforced but they are sheer which means they are gonna be great for anything with open toes. I really do apologise for the chipped nail varnish; I haven’t had time to do my nails lately and I really don’t wanna take it off to expose my horrible toenails underneath!

Anyways so the front and back don’t have any strips going across them; all sheer goodness here.

The ankles are great too; no extra gatherings, no crinkles or wrinkles either which is great so you won’t need to worry about how to cover them up!



The Waistband & Gusset: so flipping comfortable I really don’t lie here. It’s a slimline band, but not one that digs in during the day. They don’t roll down after a day’s wear either which is fab!

The gusset is a soft cotton on, and as I wore underwear I couldn’t test this out, but it’s a good on put it that way; soft and smooth to touch and enough ventilation!



My Thoughts?

Right all you need to know is > I am certainly recommending this brand!

Their hosiery is fab, their shades are so lovely and the quality is something that every hosiery lover needs in their life.

This isn’t some cheap feeling pair with no durability; I am in love!

2 thoughts on “Sheer Chemistry Confidence; Matt Control Tights

  1. I’m no expert, but, these really do look like quality legwear.
    Absolutely love the colour, sheen and shine too.
    Havana Glow is just the perfect colour description 🙂