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Sentelegri Tess ‘Vesa’ Tights

Hello new brand! I ended up coming across this one on eBay some time ago, and I thought to give it a go! I love polka dots and it’s the season to get them out once again, so I’m currently stocking up on some different brands and various styles 🙂

I would normally put up some blurb about this brand, however I cannot seem to find a direct website for them… So there goes that…

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 89% polyamide, 9% elastane, 2% cotton

Price: £3.99

Website: ebay – Sexy Ladies Fashion Design POLKA DOT Pattern Tights By Sentelegri “VESA”

My Outfit

 I kept it  proper basic at work today as I had so many meetings; I wore my black t-shirt, with my suede A-line skirt and added my platform heels to finish off the look. I kept my hair up and added small studs.

My Deets

T-Shirt: H&M

Skirt: Primark

Tights: Sentelegri 

Shoes: New Look



The Review

From The Website: As current as ever, Sentelegri have made it possible to decorate your legs in the sweetest print of them all – spots! For effortlessly stylish pins, these fashion tights combine a plethora of medium-sized dots against a fine tulle base. Apt for a night on the tiles or equally as a means of upgrading your work wardrobe, delicate dots are about to play a big part in your.


The Packaging: so not gonna lie but I was dead confused with the brand name at first. I thought they were called Tess until I had to go back to the purchase link and realised that it was Sentelegri instead (LOL!) It didn’t state it anywhere on the packaging (as you can see below).

The back doesn’t really go into more detail about the hosiery; it’s very basic to be honest. They just mention about them being “patterned tights“, the sizing guide and hosiery care.

When you get into the packaging, you will find these flat packed around cardboard ready to get on.


Getting Them On: there is no right or wrong way to put these on; I spent a good 5 minutes figuring it out until I realised that it didn’t matter as there were no markings letting you know which is front and back.

So I did my usual scrunch and roll on the legs, being cautious over anklets (but these weren’t a problem anyways) and I had to tug slightly around mid thigh to make sure that these sit on my waist (rather here than my half way down my tushy).

God these images are pretty dark … The next batch are better!


On The Legs: these look pretty great; subtle, chic, and making a gentle statement. I have done lots of types of polka dot hosiery, but these have got to be the safest I have worn.

The fit and feel of these are great on the legs; they fit nicely around bumps and curves and there is no extra material that falls down and gathers at the ankles either. The feel is super soft and silky on the legs; these are a matt finish but they have a lovely smooth coating (well it feels like a coating) on top which makes you wanna run your hands down your legs constantly!

The quality is fab for what you pay; I have to say these are pretty durable with the amount of times I have pulled them up and down today and the fact that I have not ended up with a single snag!

With the polka dot design, you can see that these are just small balls of yarn that are stitched into the tights rather than an actual circular pattern, which makes it more cutesy I feel.


The Toes & Ankle: so I don’t think these are reinforced, but they lasted me throughout the day with my long nails. They had plenty of wiggle room in them and no extra material on the ends of the toes either which is great. I did notice that these don’t add any pressure on the toes, which is a major point for me when wearing hosiery. Your feet need to be comfortable (especially when wearing heels all day)!

Around the ankles, these are a nice smooth finish as you can see below 🙂


The Waistband & Gusset: is such a good waistband. These pics below are after a full day’s wear and as you can see, they are still sitting flush against the waist with no over-rolling on themselves and the seams are sitting pretty and flat too! They have plenty of elasticity in them which means you can stretch as much as you like 🙂

Also pointing out that the design works right under the band, which means you can certainly wear these with anything short and still be able to rock it!

The gusset as you can see is neatly sewn into the hosiery; it doesn’t blend in like most brands tend to do, but no biggie.



My Thoughts?

Overall these are pretty decent for what you pay. A small brand by the looks of it, but they do their job well. I didn’t encounter an issues wearing them throughout the day, which is always a bonus!

I would recommend them 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sentelegri Tess ‘Vesa’ Tights

  1. Great review gives me the thought will have to try these myself from the review is something I would love wearing. Then they look great on your legs hope they look good on mine as well.

  2. Hi Soni! Great review of those Sentleghri Tesa Vesa black, polka-dot tights. They look very comfy, pretty and sexy on your sexy, long legs and pretty feet. I love the look of black, polka-dot tights. I like how you paired them with the black t-shirt and white mini-skirt. Keep up the great tights reviews! Take care. 🙂 x