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Sentelegri 15D Sheer Stockings (Black)

Well hello Sentelegri! I have around 2 weeks worth of blogs coming up in this brand, and in this exact same style. I got my hands on a few pairs in various colours to try out. Even though I do like the designer brands, I do like to try out the cheaper ones too and see what they’re about.

Now I have reviewed this brand a while back, so check out those blogs if you haven’t already before we get started with the stockings collection:

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Please note that this will be the main blog for this range that I will be showcasing over the next 2 weeks, as the rest will act like picture blogs with very limited detailing to it. I will be writing about the colour of the hosiery as well as any other little encounters I may come across, but this is the main one to refer to.

I will make it easy for everyone to access by adding a direct link for this blog on all the other reviews to come 🙂

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Regular (UK 10,12,14,16)

Denier: 15

Materials: 82% Polyamide, 18% Elastane

Price: £3.99

Website: Amazon – Luxury Plain Top Sheer Stockings by Sentelegri,15 Denier

The Review

From The Website: Fabulous sheer plain top stockings in a choice of colours to suit any occasion or outfit! Great value for money and perfect for everyday wear.

Very High Quality
Size Regular-10,12,14,16
Polyamide 82% , Elastan 18%
Size Plus Size-18,20,22,24
Hand-wash only
Brand New in Box with Tag


The Packaging: you will see the same packaging come up a lot. As you can see below, the packaging is very basic but appealing enough. It shows the model wearing the stockings in black at the front, and the back goes into brief detail about the pair inside.

When you get in, you will find these flat folded and wrapped around plain card. When you fold them out, you will find them like so on each and every pair.


Getting Them On: I thought I would show you a video of me popping them on the legs. As you can see, they glide up really well and were fine going over anklets as long as you take care pulling them over.


On The Legs: let me start off with the denier. These are 15, and they do look it as well. They are quite light on the legs, giving that barely there look. This will also depend on your skin tone as well, as if you’re darker or way lighter, it may shade differently. You won’t normally see 15 deniers being worn in winter, but you know me… I love to experiment with various deniers all year round.

The quality of these I expected a little more from them; I felt these snagged a lot and very easily too. These came with a few lines in them dotted around the legs, and then I ended up adding some snags to them later in the day. They are a good pair, but ones that won’t last you a long time.

The fit of these are great; I felt they had a lot of elasticity in them to really hug the legs well. As they are a one size pair, I expected them to fit well with no gapping to be found. They were a lovely fitted finish all the way round the legs with no wrinkles in sight.

The feel of them are super soft and really lovely to touch. I do feel this could change if a larger individual was to get into them and really stretch them out (more than I certainly am). The legs were a smooth silky finish with a lovely shine added to them when the light hits them.



The Toes & Ankle: now the toes are my favourite. They are reinforced and do have a slightly darker strip going across the front and back and then working into the 15 denier sheer from thereon.

There is plenty of wiggle room in these for your toes to move and breathe, and no pressure is added during the day either. I would recommend to keep your nails smooth and not too long as you don’t want to be creating any holes unnecessarily.

Around the feet, it’s soft and smooth and has a lovely fitted finish. As these are a one size pair in a sense, I love that these have plenty of elasticity to them so you get a hugging fit from the toes right to the band.



The Bands: are pretty interesting on these. You will find these will slightly vary on each pair (not greatly) with the width. I stretched mine out so I had that thick welt on the thighs and held them up with my 6 clasp suspender belt.

The welt itself is pretty soft and slightly grainy to touch; this will depend on how much you stretch it out as well. Nevertheless, it sits great on the thighs no matter how thin or thick they are, and they certainly don’t lose their elasticity. I found when I took them off after a day’s wear, they returned back to their original width and still were pretty taut like they were to begin with.

I do like that on each stocking welt, these bands are a thicker denier and they have a deeper colour to them which really does set them off so nicely. I think that contrast is so great!




My Thoughts?

I gotta say even though these snagged a lot today, I am hoping the rest of them aren’t this bad. I started off with them being a little damaged which isn’t a great start but hey it can only improve (I hope!)

Otherwise I did like them and feel they could work for a few wears. I am not too sure if they will last in the wash, but I know I could get a few wears out of these before they go in the bin. Let’s see how we get on with the other pairs lined up!