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Sentelegri 15D Sheer Stockings (Red)

Day 8 I realised we are missing the festive period; I wanted to pair up my red stockings with something that has very limited black to it – and I ended up picking my tunic dress pairing with my suede mules. I have to say red can be a little difficult to pair up if you don’t wear it often (well that’s how I feel)

To see my full review on these stockings as this blog will be a picture blog with limited information, please refer back to my initial blog below (opens in a new tab):

Sentelegri 15D Sheer Stockings (Black)

The Spec

Colour: Red

Size: Regular (UK 10,12,14,16)

Denier: 15

Materials: 82% Polyamide, 18% Elastane

Price: £3.99

Website: Amazon – Luxury Plain Top Sheer Stockings by Sentelegri,15 Denier

The Review

From The Website: Fabulous sheer plain top stockings in a choice of colours to suit any occasion or outfit! Great value for money and perfect for everyday wear.

Very High Quality
Size Regular-10,12,14,16
Polyamide 82% , Elastan 18%
Size Plus Size-18,20,22,24
Hand-wash only
Brand New in Box with Tag


The Packaging


On The Legs

I gotta say this red is so out there! I wasn’t prepared for this until I had to run out the door and see that they are striking. I have done a similar pair before which were bright red and had such a shine to them (I really can’t remember the brand name otherwise it would have been inserted here) and this pair reminded me of them. I did experience some snags in these, but luckily they didn’t turn into anything more!


The Toes & Ankle



The Bands




My Thoughts?

The red was certainly a showstopper today, and I think they looked great. I have to say I wouldn’t wear these a lot to be honest as they are a pair which I feel are a little too out there, and would be better suited with evening attire or special occasions instead (if you’re taking them out the bedroom).

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  1. When you like red, you can only adhere to your selection …
    I’m part of it, I love it…
    Good continuation