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I know nudes shouldn’t really be on the legs this time of year, but when they are a pair of Secrets In Lace… There is no stopping me. I got this gorgeous pair gifted to review, and I am so happy that I finally have my hands on a pair to do.

I also have done a little suspender review, which includes these as my test pair so check it out below if you haven’t seen it already:

YouTube – Soni Panda Channel – Soni Panda’s Suspender Collection

My previous stockings that I purchased were from their store, but were part of the Dita Von Teese collection and didn’t go so well. The Dana were pretty good but I ended up with a horrible snag which could have turned into a rip if I wasn’t careful!

If you haven’t seen those reviews, then hit the links below (opens in a new tab):

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Secrets In Lace Dana Glamour Stockings

The Spec

Colour: Beige/Red

Size: Small

Denier: 15 

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price: €22.99

Website: Secrets In Lace – Signature RHT

My Outfit

I paired red with red this time instead of clashing colours. I wore my red skater dress paired with some tan brown heels to finish off the look.

My Deets

Dress: Mango

Stockings: SIL 

Heels: Office



The Review

From The Website: Exclusive to SECRETS IN LACE these 15 denier ultra sheer RH&T stockings are made with two colors and classic details. The welt has a fine line around the top and bottom followed in the after welt with the SECRETS IN LACE logo. The welt color contrasts with the leg color for a stunning effect.

Made in : FRANCE
Colors : Black Leg/Grey Welt, Black Leg/Black Welt with White Accents, Beige Leg/Beige Welt, Ivory Leg/Brown Welt, White Leg/White Welt, Black Leg/Red Welt, Coffee Leg/Coffee Welt, Beige Leg/Pink Welt, Beige Leg/Red Welt
Sizes : Petite, Small, Medium, Long, Opera


The Packaging: these normally come gift wrapped in branded tissue paper as shown below. Once you unravel all that, you find this pretty simple cardboard packaging. I know there isn’t much to it, but trust me it’s worth the wait when you get inside.

The stockings come wrapped around plain card and have foot/leg shaping to them, so you can line up and get them on easily.


Getting Them On: I would recommend hosiery gloves if you are the type to end up snagging hosiery. I only say this as these are super delicate and can easily snag if you’re not careful. I always have to make sure to take care going over my anklets and up the legs.



On The Legs: oh wow! Just wow is all that is coming out of my mouth when I got them on and was doing my shoot. I gotta say that colour is just bang on for a barely there look with that popping red thick band to top it all off nicely. It’s a colour which has a slight tan to it, but gives such a lovely colour to the legs with minimal effort. At one point, it blended in so well with my skin colour, it looked like I wasn’t wearing any (you could only tell by the wrinkles)

The quality of these are just amazing; I loved being in my pair and I had no issues at all. I thought I would end up snagging them as I kept bumping into things today, but not at all. I loved every minute being in them:

I felt so luxurious and it was my little secret for the day!

The fit of them are great; I first assumed they might have been too small, but actually they were fine. I would have gone one size up to add more wrinkles around the legs for a full vintage effect, but these worked out great for me if I am perfectly honest.

The feel is just incredible; they are so silky soft, your legs just slide off one another. They are such a fab pair to be in whether it’s to work, on a date night or just if you fancy feeling a little glam at home. I love how effortless they are and instantly, they transform a plain outfit into something so classy!


The Toes & Ankle: well these toes are reinforced for sure, and that goes for the heel too (it’s all in the name really). You get a slightly darker patch in these areas, which I think really adds to the look. I did have a few wrinkles around this area, but it’s expected when you have a pair that is 100% nylon with zero stretch to them.

Around the toes, it was pretty comfortable and there was wiggle room. There was no pressure added around this area, and that also goes for the feet and ankles too.


The Bands: now this is what I call a good thick band! The lower part is a sheerer denier with the brand name going around, which then works into a thicker denier band so your clasps can hook on with ease.

The bands aren’t the type to rip easily, so you can tug at these and pull them up as high as you like without worrying (don’t panic – I already put them to the test and pulled them as high as I could; they were perfectly fine).

I used an 8-clasp belt (for the sake of it really) to hold mine up, but a 4 clasp can work just as good on these. Just make sure if you’re using plastic clasps that you tug them and test them out before you spend the day in them just in case they come apart!




My Thoughts?

Simply gorgeous! I love the fit of these, and there was minimal wrinkles too. The quality of these are great too, and the colour really works with my skin so it looks super natural with a barely there look to it. The bands are super comfy too and I would certainly recommend them for sure!

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  1. Good afternoon Soni,

    What a beautiful day,seeing your gorgeous legs in these fine rht nylons and your delicious rht nyloned soles,just awesome Goddess👌🏻
    These sheer nudes maybe not the best color for the type of year,but certainly the best color for the admirer of delicious women feet in nylon like myself,so thank you a million times for giving us this gorgeous review Soni!Have a lovely day gorgeous😉

    Greetz Andre😘