Secrets In Lace Glimmer RHT Stockings

OH YES! We are bringing some gorgeous shine to the blog today, and still in Secrets In Lace! I wanted to dress this pair up as they were too good not to show them off fully! I know it will still be a little while before we really get to glam up again and enjoy nights out, but this is now getting me in the mood to just be at home and feel good!

The Spec

Colour: Natural

Size: Small

Denier: 15

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price: €27.99

Website: Secrets In Lace – Glimmer RHT

My Outfit

I paired a new playsuit with these stockings. I added a satin floral print playsuit with some rose gold sandals to show you can pull off stockings with this kind of clothing!

My Deets

Playsuit: Zara

Stockings: SIL

Heels: Gifted via Amazon

The Review

From The Website: Special Occasions are not complete without our New Glimmer Reinforced Heel and Toe Stockings. We used ultra sheer 15 denier yarn, gave them a super soft finish and added our world famous Secrets In Lace welt imprint.

The Packaging

Getting Them On: I gotta say the hosiery gloves came out with this pair! I took my time getting them on the legs, especially taking care going over my anklets. I did my scrunch and roll, and slowly tugged them up the legs until I sat them where I wanted them.

On The Legs: can we just appreciate the shine we are working with today? I absolutely love how these look on the legs, despite the colour being lighter than my skin tone. I used a mix of natural lighting and flash, so you can see the difference in the images below.

The quality of this pair is amazing once again. I had no issues being in them throughout the day and the evening too. They can easily snag, so you will need to be careful in them – but I had no problems with them today! These also do open up to your leg shape, so expect to see some wrinkles by the end of the day.

The fit of these were great for me, and I could easily go one size up to give me a little more room and wrinkles if I fancied it. I would make sure you check the sizing guide so you do get the right size to begin with, unless you do feel the need to go one size up.

The feel of these are incredible; they feel absolutely amazing on the legs (both inside and out) and I love that silky, glossy touch. They don’t irritate the legs either, which is always a bonus. I really loved being in this pair today!

The Toes & Ankle: so these come with slightly darker reinforced toes to them, which I decided to expose instead of covering them. I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes, and no pressure was added either. I will say you will need to make sure your nails are smooth and not too long being in these, as you don’t want to damage them!

I also have a reinforced heel, which I ended up snagging somehow and creating a RIP! I am so mad at myself for doing this, and I blame the heels I was wearing for catching on!

Around the feet and ankles, I had a lovely smooth finish with no wrinkles to begin with. I did end up only a few by the end of the day due to natural stretching.

The Bands: and we have a darker welt which glimmers away nicely. This matches the RHT, so altogether it looks stunning. It comes with the brand printed on the right leg, and a reinforced band just underneath. These also stretch out to fit your thighs without it creating a muffin top.

My Thoughts?

A beautiful pair – enough said.

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