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Secrets In Lace Glamour Spanish Heel

Well we have a little something special hitting the blog today … And it’s a genuine pair of Secrets In Lace 100% Nylon Stockings!

Now I have done a few before, but I am super excited about these as they have the gorgeous silky band to them, and they all fancy looking so I am psyched for this pair!

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The Spec

Colour: Coffee/Black

Size: Small

Denier: 15

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price: €34.99

Website: Secrets In Lace – Glamour Spanish Heel

My Outfit

I wanted to dress these up with some fancy heels for a dinner date. I paired my cobalt blue skater dress with some statement heels and then let my legs do the talking with that gorgeous tan look!

My Deets

Dress: Jennyfer

Stockings: SIL

Heels: JustFab



The Review

From The Website: You will love our new enchanting Full Fashioned stocking from our Glamour Series. The Spanish Heel Collection has a variation of what is known as a Cuban Heel with a narrower and longer heel reinforcement than our European Heel. Glamour stockings have a contrasting Black Welt and Foot treatment with a Black Back Seam for added drama. You will find our World Famous Secrets In Lace imprint on the welt adding to the authentic nostalgic look of this Spanish Heel Stocking.

Secrets In Lace Full Fashioned Nylon Stockings are manufactured in one of the two company owned Secrets In Lace Factories on the same Reading machines used in the 1950’s. These 15 denier nylon stockings are knit flat with Vintage Style nylon that has a beautiful hand to create a luxurious appearance on your legs.
Colors : Copper/Black, Natural/Black, Coffee/Black, Light Grey/Black
Sizes : Petite, Small, Medium, Long, Opera


The Packaging: these normally come gift wrapped in branded tissue paper as shown below. Once you unravel all that, you find this pretty simple cardboard packaging. I know there isn’t much to it, but trust me it’s worth the wait when you get inside.

The stockings come wrapped around plain card and have foot/leg shaping to them, so you can line up and get them on easily.

Just a note that these are super silky, so they will slip and slide everywhere!


Getting Them On: well you know what, Imma let my YouTube video do the talking for me…

To see me get my stocking on, see the video below:



On The Legs: oh my goodness is all that comes to mind. I love the way these look on the legs; especially with that natural tan look they have going on.

The quality of these are fabulous; but remember that these can snag easily if you don’t take care whilst wearing them. Being 15 denier and 100% nylon means that they can be nipped at easily!

The fit of these are perfect for my size; there was enough room with a little extra for my legs so they weren’t too tight and hard to pull up on the thighs. I could opt for a smaller size if I wanted a fitted finish but that would mean that the bands would be sitting a lot lower on the thighs!

The feel of these are super soft and so delicate to touch. I love that luxe feel they have to them, and they just make you feel great when you’re strutting your stuff in them. They don’t irritate the legs in any way; just a soft caressing touch.

The colour is one of my favourites and paired with black welts and a backseam just tops it all off for me! Like berries on a cake! I love the way they are simple but enough for my outfit, and those with a real eye for detail will know what I’m walking around in today!


The Toes & Ankle: well lets’s say this is a happy place! I love the way the toes and soles look in these stockings. They have the reinforcement as a thin strip on the front and the back works into a whole sole panel. I also love how the seams starts from the toes and works with the sole panel – little things like this make all the difference!

Around the feet, these are semi-fitted, which means you may get a wrinkle here or there depending if you’re sitting down, standing or walking etc. Either way, these are still a great fit!

The ankles are just the same; a semi-fitted finish but still looking amazing!


The Bands: well I have to say these are some luxurious bands around my thighs – and I love it! They feel so great on the skin, and they are silky silky soft! Words cannot explain how gorgeous they feel on – and the fact that clasps clip on super well and stay put all day long too!

I love how thick they are as well; this does help if you are wanting to create a super vintage look, especially with the brand on the right side of the hosiery.

These so have the slightest bit of stretch in them, especially when you have slightly thicker thighs, but it’s great because once you stretch them out a little in the 1st wear, it’ll keep that for the next time you get back into them.

One thing I do love about them is that little circle socket they have at the back above the seams; that is something I absolutely love with stockings and you only get them on the luxe pairs!


My Thoughts?

I absolutely adore these stockings, and would certainly recommend them for sure. I loved being in them and that colour is just stunning if you’re after a natural tan look too! Everything about these – I adore them!

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  1. Well hello Soni,words can’t say how much I appreciate your awesome review today in these nylons,thanks a million times Goddess👣 and have a nice day stunner😉

    Greetz Andre😘