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Secrets In Lace Glamour RHT Stockings

I decided I wanted to dress a little different in these stockings. Normally I tend to go super feminine, but this time I wanted to switch it up and do the total opposite. I was sitting on my bed last night wondering how I could style these differently, to show that you can wear stockings in various ways… and then my idea popped up!

Now I know a lot of you won’t agree with this outfit, but I don’t really care. I was feeling in a boss type of mood (I have been like this for a while now lol) and decided to slay another way. Plus it’s a great way to show other people who do dress similar or have different styles like I do that this look is achievable and still looks great!

Who says you can’t feel sexy and edgy at the same time?!

The Spec

Colour: Natural (9915)

Size: Small

Denier: 15

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price: €27.99

Website: Secrets In Lace – Glamour RHT

My Outfit

Well it’s more like military mode rather than boss mode – I paired up my faux leather shirt dress paired with my new Dr Marten boots to create an edgy look.

My Deets

Dress: Zara

Stockings: SIL

Boots: Dr Martens

The Review

From The Website: Glamour, with its contrasting colors makes this Reinforced Heel and Toe stocking truly … Glamorous! The welt and foot are black with either a grey, beige, copper or pink leg. The Secrets In Lace imprint on the welt adds to the authentic nostalgic details.

The Packaging

Getting Them On: I took my time rolling these up the legs, taking care going over my anklets as per usual. I lined up the RHT around my foot, and the proceeded to gently roll them up the legs, setting them in place slightly lower to show them off a little.

On The Legs: now normally I would hide the bands, but as I was creating an edgy look, I wanted to show them off slightly with the reinforced underwelt peering under my dress. I felt this was enough rather than showing the whole thing to keep that ‘hidden secret’ aspect to it.

I love the denier and that beautiful RHT and welt contrast too! I think it worked so well together, to create a look that can be worn all year round. The colour was perfect for me, as it worked with my skin tone really well and the contrasting RHT and welt just added that extra touch to really make them pop. This is a thin denier, which means you do need to be gentle with them; from when you get them on until you take them off.

The quality of these are once again on point; I never seem to have an issue when I wear SIL, as they always last me the day without any rips or snags. I also did make sure to take care when I got them on so no damage occurs, otherwise this pair won’t last me in the long run!

The fit of these are true to size, and there is no biggie if you choose to go a size up. I normally work between Small and Medium, depending if I want more winkling, I want them to sit higher up the legs or if I want a fitted finish all around. I would make sure you check out the sizing guide before purchasing just so you get a pair that fits what you’re after.

The feel of these are amazing; they are super smooth, they are so soft to touch and they just gently caress the legs. They don’t irritate the legs in any way, which is always a bonus. I really do love the way vintage stockings feel!

The Toes & Ankle: now here is where is gets exciting – well one of the spots anyways! Check out how great this reinforcement is on the toes and heel. I have a good amount of toe coverage on the front and back, and the heel is covered well underneath and around the back. I know if I got this in a larger size, the sections would be slightly bigger.

I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes to breathe, and no pressure was added either.

Around the feet and ankles, I had a lovely fitted finish, which did turn into slight wrinkles by the end of the day but nothing major. That is due to it stretching when walking and sitting throughout the day.

The Bands: I wanted to show you some mega detailing with the welts! These have a great thick welt, with reinforcement underneath. It also shows the logo on the right side, which is printed on. I love that last close up shot, so you can see the stitching; I love how incredible it looks!

These stretch out really well around the thighs, and hug them well so you’re not left with tight welts.

I did notice some inconsistencies with the stitching, however it is minor as it won’t be damaging my pair if I take care of them.

My Thoughts?

Another great pair to my collection – I love the colour, and the contrast with the RHT and welts against the skin. The quality is amazing and I would happily recommend them!

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  1. Extremely gorgeous, hot, and sexy princess Soni. You can boss me around anytime no matter what you’re wearing. 🥰😘

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