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Secrets In Lace Dana Glamour Stockings

And hello new brand to my blog! I am so excited to be reviewing these as I see them all over my Instagram on a daily basis, and I had to get myself some to try out.

I got 2 pairs; the Dana and a pair from Dita Von Teese’s collection, which will follow on tomorrow.


About Secrets In Lace

“We started SECRETS IN LACE ® in Northern Virginia in 1984 with the simple concept in mind of “Keeping the Romance Alive” through the sale of classically elegant lingerie. In our first store we sold classic foundations and authentic nylon stockings which today are popular as Retro or Vintage lingerie. We never changed what we sold because the fit and styling made our customers look and feel great. Our concept was a success and we quickly grew to four stores in the Washington DC Area before launching our mail order operation in 1995. Since then our mail order catalogue and website have been making history worldwide at SecretsInLace.com.

Today we are the largest retailer in the world of 100% nylon stockings with over 40 exclusive styles to our credit. Our preeminent position as the leader in fine vintage nylon stockings has led us to develop coordinating Retro Chic foundations; Garter Belts, Girdles, Bullet Bras, Shelf Bras and Plunge Bras that are based on patterns from garments developed in the 1960’s that we sold in our stores in the 1980’s. Our daywear slips, camisoles and tap pants are also authentic to the 1960’s. Designed for everyday wear (just like in the 1960’s), Secrets in Lace carries classic styles and unlike lingerie that’s strictly for fantasy, the Salons at Secrets In Lace have comfortable Faux Vintage Lingerie for every possible occasion that captures a feminine, classic look. Our penchant for Vintage detail has lead us to become the exclusive designers of the Bettie Page Lingerie Collection and Dita Von Teese Stocking Collection. We are often called on by stylists around the world to provide authentic vintage lingerie and stockings.

For many Secrets In Lace has become a life style, our garments are worn by the worlds most famous and influential people. Only they know what lays beneath their classically elegant attire……their “Secrets In Lace”. We invite you to share in this incredible feeling and expression of femininity.

Remember…Keep The Romance Alive!”

– taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: Beige

Size: Small

Denier: Around 15-20

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price: £13.94

Website: Secrets In Lace – Dana Glamour


My Outfit

My outfit consists of a black t-shirt bodysuit paired with a statement bodycon skirt and some plum court shoes. I left my hair bedhead to make it slightly more casual for work.

My Deets

Bodysuit: Open

Skirt: Gatta

Stockings: Secrets In Lace

Pumps: Essex Shoes



The Review

From The Website: We’ve added glamour to a favorite easy to fit stocking for those times when you want the look but want just the right amount of stretch to keep the stockings sheer while providing a nice cling to the leg. Please note that Dana Glamour is made of stretch nylon and will look more compact in the package – when you put it on it looks great. The Dana Glamour has a Black Welt and Black “seam” in the back – making a great look for special occasions.


The Packaging: so these have gorgeously wrapped in tissue paper with their logo plastered all over it. I found it to be very posh – I LOVE IT!

When you get into that, you will see the Secrets In Lace is a very simple minimalistic brand, which isn’t a bad thing as I suppose they let their hosiery do the talking for them. The back of the packaging goes into their sizing guide as well as a little about themselves.

Once you get inside the outer packaging, you will ind these wrapped around card. Once you unravel them, you will find these are super tiny, with a damn lot of stretch. I measured it against my arm and from the fingertip to the elbow it measured; how tiny!

This just means they will go on proper nice and have a good bit of stretch to them, which I like. The only downside I saw to these is from the sole, the seam isn’t sitting straight at all. It bends to the right slightly; I am not too sure why but I do hope that these don’t sit bent on the legs!

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Getting Them On: okay so taking extra care over any anklets, I would take your time rolling these up. I didn’t use hosiery gloves this time, but was making sure my nails don’t snag any part as I do this.

They glided right up I have to say, but do sit very low. These are the type to stop mid thigh, no matter how much you try and tug these up the leg. So I had to wear a longer skirt to hide most of this.

With the backseams, I did have some issue trying to get these to sit straight as at the top of the welt, these were going bent!


On The Legs: oh wow, these are just to die for honestly! I love the way they look and that shine is just amazeballs!

The denier is perfect for that gorgeous sheer look, making that shine look natural really. The quality of these are really good. I say that as I managed to snag them without even knowing at the back of the leg and I didn’t notice until I took them off.

In terms of the colour, I was hesitant as these were under beige and sometimes it doesn’t work with my colouring. But I have to say it did impress me; it has a lovely tan finish to them so anyone who is lighter skinned would have an instant tan look, and those who are darker would have this amazing shine to their legs.

The fit and feel of them are just stunning; the fit is true to size, so do make sure you get the right size before you purchase. They hugged the legs real nice throughout the day and no signs of any gapping either. The feel of them are pretty soft; slightly rough and grainy but still soft to touch. It has a lovely finish to them!

The backseam was the bane of my life though; I spent most of my day on my feet adjusting the bands to make sure they aren’t twisting. I even had to keep unclasping and redoing them to make sure it isn’t my belt doing it. As gorgeous as they look, the backeams are a pain in the a**!


The Toes & Ankle: so I forgot to take a pic of the front of the feet (apologies) but they were good to me throughout the day. They had plenty of wiggle room, didn’t feel tight at all and didn’t rip or snag!

The sols have a lovely block which turns into the pyramid on the ankle. I have to say the left hand side was fine, but the right side kept wiggling inwards making the seams bent from the ankle! It was something that had to keep getting readjusted – hmph!

Around the ankles, these were a lovely flush finish against the skin 🙂


The Band: so the band is real good, and works well with metal clasps. I am not too sure with plastic, as I feel like it won’t grip properly, but the bands were divine. They sat well around my thighs, stretched out and sat against them nicely during the day. As I mentioned before, these had to sit lower than usual on my legs, but even so, they still looked stunning.

I had no issues with the band; no snags or rips at all 🙂


My Thoughts?

I think these are super nice and look amazing on the legs. That shine is to die for and a proper showpiece in itself. The denier, quality and the look is just spot on (minus that snag) and I love how stretchy they are!

5 thoughts on “Secrets In Lace Dana Glamour Stockings

  1. Good morning Soni,todays review is just awesome!You’re beautiful legs in these fine nylons are looking stunning!

    Greetz Andre😘

  2. Great Scott what a legs. What a colour. Real show stopper. I sure would have turned a pirouette to see those legs. WOW 🙂 😉