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Secrets In Lace Classic RHT Stockings (Beige)

Before it all blows up for my birthday tomorrow, I am having a super chill day today. This outfit came about when I got my stockings on and was trying to find an outfit. The door went, and I threw my nearest jumper on – and voila. This is how I ended up staying for the rest of the day. Sassy yet cosy…

Now this won’t be a full in-depth review as I have reviewed this style previously, which you can view on the links below (opens in a new tab):

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The Spec

Colour: Beige

Size: Small

Denier: 15

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price: €23.99

Website: Secrets In Lace – SIL Classic RHT

My Outfit

Being at home means being snug where I can. As I mentioned my story above, this is how this outfit came about and how I stayed until bedtime. I could have changed yes, but I loved this look and went with it!

My Deets

Jumper: H&M

Stockings: SIL

Suspender Belt: 6 Clasp

The Review

From The Website: We redesigned our world famous Reinforced Heel & Toe (RHT) stockings and looked to Mother Nature for our lovely Spring Color – Pink. Our 15 denier 100% nylon stockings have more nostalgic detail with our world famous welt imprint, true manufactured heel and toe reinforcements and a plain after welt. Should you have difficulty in choosing from fifteen different colors why not simply take one of each !

The Packaging

Getting Them On: as these are super delicate, the hosiery gloves came out to play! I did my scrunch and roll up the legs and set them in place!

On The Legs: so this time before anyone comments, the printed logo ended up sitting at the back of my thigh for some reason. I even twisted it to make sure I didn’t but them on wrong, but for some reason they kept moving backwards so I left them like that.

I have to say this colour surprised me. When I first saw it, I wasn’t too sure if I would like it, but I ended up loving it, especially paired with this jumper. It is a light greeny-grey beige colour, which didn’t look that great when I first got them out the packaging. Once they were on, this viewpoint changed!

The fit was spot on, and it fit like a glove. Obviously these don’t have stretch to them, so I sat them as high as I could and got my suspender belt to tug them up a tad to sit them where I wanted.

The feel is beautiful. They are so soft and silky smooth – I have no complaints here!

Let me just add that these pack a lovely lustre shine to them. I tried to get it with my camera today, but as it was a dullish day, the lighting was off and it didn’t show it off as well as I wanted.

The Toes & Ankle: the only issue I had was that I managed to get a run right through the reinforced toes and it ended up racing upwards! This really did shock me as I have never experienced this before, so I was sitting here for 10 minutes just staring before I got up and tried to sort it!

Around the toes, I had plenty of wiggle room and a lovely fit around the feet and ankles too.

The Bands: so this is what I meant with the logo at the back of the thigh. I didn’t mind it to be honest; it made a nice change from the side of the thigh.

I will say I love their welts. They are super thick in size, and my clasps hook on well without any issues. It also comes with reinforcement underneath too!

My Thoughts?

A colour that nicely surprised me! I always love a pair of SIL on the legs, however what shocked me the most was the run I ended up getting! I have no idea how it happened, but just know it does happen!

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