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Secrets In Lace Classic RHT (Copper)

Yep I am back in another pair of SIL stockings for you all. This is a brand I really do like reviewing as they are so much fun to style!

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The Spec

Colour: Copper (99001)

Size: Small

Denier: 15

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price: $16.99

Website: Secrets In Lace – SIL Classic RHT

My Outfit

I went full on monochrome with most of my outfit. I paired an orange ribbed bodysuit with my orange skirt and added a pop of colour with my striped heels. I thought the look worked so well, and perfect if you’re after a chic summer look.

My Deets

Bodysuit: New Look

Skirt: Mango

Stockings: SIL

Heels: JustFab

The Review

From The Website: We redesigned our world famous Reinforced Heel & Toe (RHT) stockings and looked into our box of crayons for multiple colors. Our 15 denier 100% nylon stockings have more nostalgic detail with our world famous welt imprint, true manufactured heel and toe reinforcements and a plain after welt. Should you have difficulty in choosing from sixteen different colors why not simply take one of each!

The Packaging

Getting Them On: I never to have any issues getting my SIL stockings on – and I didn’t today. I did my scrunch and roll, and worked my way up the legs until they were sat in place. I clasped them on with my 8 strap suspender belt – and off we go!

On The Legs: no words can really describe how much I do love wearing them. Let me try … and start off with the colour. This is one of my favourites as it gives such a beautiful colour to the legs. It gives off a lovely deep tan shade which I really enjoy being in. These are perfect if you’re a tan fan!

The quality of this pair is just amazing. As they are 15 denier and 100% nylon, they are super delicate. I did my best not to get any snags or rips in this pair, and I can say I did a good job. I am not going to lie to you here – it can easily happen!! I have done it with a few different brands before, and a lot of care has to be taken when these babies are coming out to play.

The fit of these are perfect for me. They fit my feet well and I can sit these as high as I like. I don’t like to tug, and I didn’t have to with this pair as I had a longer skirt on. But if needs must, I will tug with my suspender belt as much as I can so they sit how I like them to. I would recommend checking their sizing guide before purchasing just to make sure that you get the right pair so they fit the feet and legs as they should.

The feel of them are always great. They ae so silky soft and super smooth, so they glide around the legs well. When you have the right size for you and a good belt, these should not move out of place. You will end up with a few wrinkles if you sit down and move around in them, unless you’re standing straight all day then maybe not. I absolutely loved my pair!

The Toes & Ankle: I have these awesome reinforced toes and heel to them, in a darker shade of the tan. I never mind a contrast pair from time to time, but it’s also nice when you get the same colour and work with different tones. These worked really well with my sandals today.

I had plenty of room for my toes to wiggle, and no pressure was added around this area either.

Around the feet and ankles, I had a lovely fitted finish with minimal wrinkling.

The Bands: they are always amazing, however this time I did find some flaws. I found the stitching to be a little off (some bits were not consistent and some bits were missing). It’s nothing too major, but I have an eagle eye when it comes to detailing like this. Mine were not on show, so it wasn’t a big deal but if I were to wear these for a shoot where they are on show, this would be an issue.

I love how they have their logo on the welt, and I normally show mine off. Some people wear it in the inner leg, which is fine too.

There is plenty of room in these, so when they are stretched out it doesn’t leave my skin squished on top. They hug my thighs really well, and I loved how soft and comfortable they are to be in.

The clasps also hooked on really well, with no issues arising during the day.

My Thoughts?

Once again, these have been a great pair to try out and I absolutely loved this look I created. It was one that looked super summery and the stockings helped give it a vintage feel too. I really loved them and would happily recommend them too.

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