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Scholl 60 Denier Compression Tights

So I have been dying to try out tights like these, especially when I’m travelling by plane. I have always seem them dotted around stores, but never actually picked them up! So I decided that I wanted to wear a pair to Malta and see what they’re actually like.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Denier: 60

Size: Small

Price: £14.99

Website: Superdrug Scholl Small 60 Denier Compression Tights

My Outfit

Seeing as I had a long journey ahead of me, I decided to wear something comfortable but nothing too warm as I knew I would be baking when I got to the other side.

I went with my cream side tie crop jumper, along with my lace black shorts and my black velvet pumps. It was practical enough as I normally wear joggers and a hoodie when I go anywhere long distance!

My Deets

Jumper: Firetrap

Shorts: New Look

Tights: Scholl

Pumps: Dorothy Perkins



The Review

I have got to admit I have a lot to write about these – there is so much information that comes with these tights so you know the exact benefits of them (which I think is fab!)

So let me start by grabbing what’s on the website about these tights:

Compression tights that help boost circulation and give you perfectly shaped legs.


Your legs never knew they could feel so great!

Opaque 60DN tights that look & feel fantastic.
* Graduated compression helps to boost circulation along the entire length of the legs to help prevent tired & achy legs
* Breathable tights that last up to 100 washes without losing shape and colour
* Super comfortable stretchable yarn that applies pressure to give you more shapely legs

Scholl FIBRE FIRM™ technology provides gradual compression from the ankle all the way up the leg which helps boost circulation by applying pressure to tighten and shape your legs.

Warnings or Restrictions

Wash at 40 degrees
Do not iron

Product Specification

77% Polyamide, 23% Elastane, 60 Denier (DN) Appearance, Opaque, Graduated compression 4mmHg – 10mmHg, Reinforced toe.

Size (0) Unit (EA) Height (17.8) Width (10) Depth (3)

Product code: 712629

Product Uses

To ensure your tights last make sure your fingernails and toenails are free from rough edges that could snag the tights and cause ladders or holes. Remove any jewellery that could catch on the tights.

How to use:
1. Gather the tights with your thumbs in the toe area and gently pull over your foot.

2. Fit the tights by gently stretching the tights up one leg and repeat on the other leg.

3. Gather the waistband and fit it comfortably in your waist area. Readjust the thigh, calf, ankle and toe by gently pinching and manoeuvring the tights.

Now the LIGHT LEGS™ are fitted.

How amazing is that?! You don’t even need to think twice getting them as they give you all the lowdown on the website already!


The Packaging: I have to say it does look very ‘pharmacy / medical’ looking to me rather than a fashion pair would look it. The front shows the tights and the back goes into far more detail about them.

Inside you will find a card which the tights are wrapped around explaining how to put them on to get the maximum out of them.


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Getting Them On: you will find that these are super tight, and I mean I struggled to get them on. But then again it just shows how good they are going to be! I didn’t tug them up too much as I wanted to just pinch and pull once they’re fully on so I can set them in place after.

Warning: If you’ve not done compression before, these will feel really tight on the legs for a few minutes whilst you get adjusted to them. Don’t think it will be like that all day as it will settle.



The Toes: are nicely compressed in these but don’t feel tight once my feet adjusted to them. I have to admit during the whole 18 hours I spent in them travelling, they served me very well and my feet aren’t hurting at all!



The Waistband: is something that I found unusual. The top of it sat perfectly on me, and to be honest it didn’t feel like I was wearing any the whole day. They are so comfortable to be in and they don’t apply a lot of pressure onto the tummy either.


Around the top thigh you will find these little stripey parts – now this is where I was a little confused as I don’t know what they are supposed to do. It mentions nothing on the packaging about this bit, so I assume that it has the compression component in them!PhotoGrid_1497696086151


The Denier & Feel: I have to say is really nice and comfortable. It’s the type of material that little bits of dust gather on, but easy to dust off you. I have to admit I wasn’t too keen on the denier as it fades around the legs. It’t not a block denier all over the legs but becomes patchy in areas which I didn’t really like (like the image above).



The Support: I felt like these supported me throughout the day and my legs and feet weren’t as tired as they would normally be. I didn’t wear them on the journey back home as I wanted to test the difference and there actually is one – my legs felt really hot and bothered and my feet were aching after walking a lot too. So these really do make your legs feel like wonder woman’s!



Overall Thoughts?

I think these are amazing for long journeys! I would even recommend them if you’re a woman (or man) on the go and you feel your legs normally get tired after a long day. The compression on these are great and the fact that they last upto 100 washes is just amazing!

I would totally get myself another pair of these as they are so worth it and handy to keep as a go-to pair for those tiresome journeys!

2 thoughts on “Scholl 60 Denier Compression Tights

  1. Tried these myself following this, can’t say I am as impressed. They look and feel nice enough on the leg though not as strong as I really expected. Wolford’s Miss W 30 are still what I would be going for if I went for a premium product.