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Saturday Part 1 – Emilio Cavallini Florals

Sorry that this is being posted late Sunday evening (my time) as it has been a hectic one this weekend to the point I have this half an hour gap before I have to get my work stuff ready and then into bed! So I’m making the most of it right now!

Ok so let me start off with my review of the Emilio Cavallini Florals in a blush nude. I decided to buy these in a colour I would not normally go for just to make it interesting. I so wanted to get them in the blacks as I thought they would look utterly stunning but I swayed myself to go for this one! And I have to say I’m glad I did.

  • I’m not going to even go into great depth with the packaging as it is always done so well. If you read my previous blogs on Emilio’s then you will know what I’m talking about.
  • They do have the reinforced toes as you can see in the 2nd picture, so I’m happy!
  • They roll on really easy and don’t snag easily either. I mean they went over my anklets fine (especially being a fine net) and they were hardly caught! Although I would say just be careful though to stay away from anything sharp-ish that might cause them to snag or rip!
  • They’re a lovely 30 denier as most of Emilio’s are – which is perfect because they’re not too sheer and not too heavy either. Just the perfect denier if you’re looking for soft and smooth on the legs.
  • I really do love how they have various combinations of textures working through – you can see in the close-ups at the bottom that they have a fine net as well as a smooth sheer in some of the petals which does actually make them stand out when they’re on.
  • They are only patterned from toe to thigh – they do have the cut off point from the top thigh to the waist so just remember that if you’re wanting to wear short shorts or mini skirts with these!
  • I would personally pair these with lighter clothing than darks – just because I love the way it all blends together and yet the tights are still your focal point in it all. I wouldn’t knock darks totally but whites, nudes and creams would work best.

Do I have any bad points to mention? Honestly, I don’t think I do. I lasted in them for most of the day and couldn’t pick out a fault with them at all. I think they are a super cute and well worth it pair of tights!

I know it took me a while to get round to reviewing them as I bought them months ago as I wasn’t too sure how to pair them to make them a key piece in my outfit, so I told myself that I would just go an oversized white shirt (shorts underneath in case of wind) and long boots with these. Keep it nice and sweet! I ended up opting for my Timerland long boots which ended up being the perfect combo! I did go for long socks and converses, however I just was not feeling it at all. I needed something more instead of showing lots of leg and my Timberlands were the one!

So would I recommend these? Yep damn right I would. I love the colour of them – perfect for summer with your legs out or in winter with long socks and boots!


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