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Satinior 3x Metallic Tights

Bring on the shine baby! I am super excited to review these, especially as I have 3 colours to do. I have done this blog slightly different and included 3 pairs in one – basically they are exactly the same but in different colours and shades, so it made sense to just keep it together.

This brand is an independent one from Amazon – so I can’t get hold of their ‘Abut Us Section’ like I normally do.

The Spec

Colour: Black/Silver, Black/Gold, Grey/Silver

Size: One Size

Denier: 20

Materials: 87% Elastic Nylon, 13% Elastane

Price: £5.99

Website: Amazon – 3 Pairs Metallic Tights Women’s Shimmer Tights Shiny Elastic High Waist Pantyhose

The Review

From The Website: Closed-fit and shimmer design to show charms:
Stretchy design makes these metallic tights for women can fit most people, shimmer design is easy to show your fashionable sense, helping you stand out in the crowds.

3 Pairs of shimmer pantyhose:
These high waist tights embellishing with shimmer are chic, easy to match most kinds of costumes and give you a feminine and fashionable look.

Wide usages:
These women metallic tights are suitable for going to clubs, parties, festive activities and other casual occasions.
Pretty gift to your friends and family.

Material: 87% elastic nylon, 13% spandex
Size: as the picture shown
Color and style: as the pictures show

Package contents:
3 Pairs of shimmer tights

Warm prompts:
Be careful with pulling tights on if you have long pointed nails.
Hand wash in cold water and drip dry.
Don’t iron or bleach these pantyhose.

Due to the high elasticity, please allow slight size deviation.

The Packaging

Getting Them On: on each of these, I did my usual scrunch and roll up the legs, and set them in place. I will say I did need to tug at them slightly to make sure they were stretched enough so they sat exactly where they needed to.

These were fine going over anklets too; just remember to take care when rolling up not to catch them on any sharp ones you may wear.

On The Legs: now I decided to break these up into 3 separate sections or the different shades, as it makes it easier to discuss them. I have grey/silver, black/gold and black/silver to showcase today with 3 different outfits.

The quality on each pair is the same (just stating the obvious here) in the sense that they have the same feel. None of these have snagged on me, which is always a good start when you first wear a new pair. Although, I do feel these could if you accidently catch them on something sharp.

The fit of each were the same for each of them on me. They didn’t differ in my opinion, which is always a good thing. I had enough stretch to get even leg coverage, however I feel this won’t fit everyone. Even though they state one size, this isn’t the case. They have enough stretch in them to fit a size medium; large and above will struggle.

The feel of the are semi soft and semi smooth. I say semi as the lurex on these are not the softest; I have tried many before that are way softer and gentler on the skin. This is a pair that did make me itch a little during my wear, and that goes for all 3 pairs. I would certainly have to layer with them if I was to wear them in the future.

As you can see below, the middle images of each pair are with flash on so you can see how shiny they can be! During the day, they won’t glow as much, but in the evening these really do sparkle!

The Toes & Ankle: the only difference I found here is that the reinforced toe part differs on each pair; the grey/silver seems to have a bigger coverage compared to the black/silver and black/gold. It isn’t a huge issue, but I expected them to be the same, considering everything else is.

Apart from that, I had plenty of wiggle room in each pair, and there was no pressure added onto the toes during the day either.

round the feet and ankles, it was a lovely smooth finish, with no wrinkling.

The Waistband & Gusset: below you will see the thigh boxer brief part as well as an image of the waistband.

The boxer briefs start from the top thigh and work all the way to the waistband on each pair. This takes it from a glitter bomb to a plain thicker, reinforced part.

The waistband on each pair is pretty good. They hold up really well during the day, and don’t shimmy down. I did find with the black/silver pair it did roll down on itself a few times. Apart from that, there wasno issues.

One thing I didn’t like about this pair, is the back of it. It comes with a double seam, and as most of you know – I HATE THIS! It is so uncomfortable to wear, and I personally despise it. But I get why they added it on; that extra support for larger sizes which I feel is a little wasted here considering these weren’t made with sizes large and above in mind.

There is also no gusset present; these have a seam running through them instead. I would advise underwear with these pairs to make it more comfortable to wear.

My Thoughts?

Overall, not a bad set 3 of pairs at all. I like that you get different pairs in this, instead of 3 of the same. I like the look of them, and the quality is not bad either. The fit was questionable, considering these are supposed to be one size pairs. But apart from that, the sparkles won me over.

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