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Sabrina Natural Tights

As promised, this will be the accompanying blog to the full review. I mentioned that this has been requested by a number of followers, and I finally get to try them out.

This pair is 1 of 2, and I thought I would start off with the lighter denier first to see what they’re like!

YouTube – Soni Special: Sabrina Natural Tights

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: M-L

Denier: Unknown

Materials: Nylon Polyurethane

Price: Unknown

Website: Sabrina – Gunze Sabrina Natural Tights (Made in Japan, Sizes S-LL)


From The Website

Treat your legs to a natural, beautiful look.
Tights do not easily run, even if a hole opens.
Once more, holes are small and hard to see.
Fine, high gauge fabric gives a smooth finish that is soft on the skin.
Sweat wicking fabric helps combat the effects of perspiration.
Wide, elastic waistband stretches for additional comfort.
Elastic panty are gives a fit that is neither too tight nor too loose and helps prevent the tights coming out of place.
Tag indicates the back of the tights.
Crotch gusset allows the body to move freely.
Sheer toe design is reinforced. The divide line in the toe is designed so that it does not stand out.
Foot has a shaped heel for a better fit.
Tights also boast UV protection, antistatic and deodorizing properties, and are made with Camellia oil extract.
Available in a wide range of colors, new for the Sabrina 2018 range.


Product number: 69sb410sml

Size: S-M (Hip 80-93cm Height 145-160cm)
M-L (Hip 85-98cm Height 150-165cm)
L-LL(Hip 90-103cm Height 155-170cm)

Color: BK-Black, BR1-Brown 1, BR2-Brown 2, BE1Beige 1, BE2-Beige 2, BE3-Beige 3, BE4-Beige 4, BE5-Beige 5, BE6-Beige 6, GG-Greige

Material: Nylon Polyurethane

Made in Japan

High gauge
Do not run easily
Sweat wicking fabric
Elastic waistbandTag indicates the backElastic panty area
UV protection
Camellia oil extractGusset
Sheer, reinforced toeShaped foot


The Packaging


On The Legs

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