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Rusikata Beige Plain Black Top Seamed Stockings

So this pair is one I am happy to have back in my life – thank you to my amazing Instafan for purchasing these off my wishlist. I styled these many years ago in black, and I get to do them in beige!

The Spec

Colour: Beige

Size: Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 88% Polyamide & 12% Elastane

Price: £9.50

Website: Glamour Stockings- Rusikata Beige Plain Black Top Seamed Stockings

💥15% Discount: SoniPanda

My Outfit

Something a little more smart casual today; only because the weather is gorgeous! I paired my padded shoulder tee with my animal print shorts and added simple court shoes to finish the look.

My Deets

T-Shirt: Zara

Shorts: H&M

Stockings: Glamour Stockings

Suspender Belt: 6 Clasp

Heels: Coleter

The Review

From The Website: Elegant Sheer Beige with Plain Black Top Stockings with SEXY BLACK SEAMS! 

The Packaging

Getting Them On: I had to really take my time with this pair this morning. I had a lot of seams to work with, and I had to make sure they are on as straight as possible. I did a scrunch and roll on each leg and set hem in place when I was happy with the seam.

On The Legs: let me begin with the colour; this is not my shade at all but I do like the beige/black contrast. This is for more lighter skin tones, where it would blend well rather than with my shade where it makes my legs loo pasty.

The quality of these are great; they didn’t snag throughout the whole day but I managed to get one when I got home from work. Apart from that, they stayed damage-free!

The fit of these are true to size; I had enough elasticity to them so they hugged the legs well with no gapping to be seen.

The feel are lovely; they are so soft against the skin and they don’t irritate at all. I love how smooth they are to touch too!

The Toes & Ankle: now this is where the work of art is! We have reinforced toes, which are semi-invisible so you can pair with open toe shoes / sandals easily. I like that these give my toes enough breathing space, and don’t apply any pressure during the day.

I have a smooth, fitted finish around the ankles too.

The sole design is a double seam, that starts from the reinforcement and works into a sweet thin seam at the back of the ankle. It goes from a scallop design to a chain before a simple seam comes into play.

The Bands: these come with thin welts to clasp on to. I had to make sure I was clasping around the middle of the welt and not lower, as these would pull and tear easily. I like that these have a thin welt to them; something different from other stockings.

As you can see in the images below, these have a thin reinforcement sitting underneath – which I like.

The welt itself has a lot of stretch to it, but not a lot of elasticity; once you stretch them out, they don’t do back to their original shape.

My Thoughts?

I think these are a great pair of stockings, but I am just not sold on the colour of them. I do prefer them in black, as I did before. Apart from that, I loved everything about them and would happily recommend!

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