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Rose Sakura 8D Shiny Tights

Bring on some summer shine! This pair I am excited about trying as we are gonna be working with some serious gloss! Plus I got a new dress and some new flats to try out together too!

This photoshoot is one a lot of you who are on my Patreon would have seen as a little exclusive! These were gifted off my Amazon Wishlist, and the details are below.

The Spec

Colour: Brown

Size: One Size

Denier: 8

Materials: Silk

Price: £10.99

Website: Amazon – Women’s Oily Shiny Tights, 8 Denier High Stretch silky Pantyhose Shiny tights Stockings

My Outfit

I wore this cute little number with my Ted Baker flats as they have been sitting here for quite some time, waiting for the right dress to pair up with!

My Deets

Dress: H&M

Tights: Rose Sakura

Flats: Ted Baker

The Review

From The Website: The well-designed, elastic and high-waisted pantyhose have pressure and shaping effects and outline beautiful poses.

Material: 65.9% nylon, 34.1% spandex

Product colour: black, grey, nude colour

Size: One size. elastic tights, suitable for most women

Reference size: height: 5’3” – 5’9” / hips: 33” – 43” / weight: 88 – 150 Ibs

The Packaging

Getting Them On: these are quite a long pair, so I am hoping I get some great leg coverage without any wrinkling! I did my scrunch and roll, and rolled them up the legs without too much tugging. I felt like I had a lot of material to work with, so I didn’t need to all sitting at the top of the legs.

On The Legs: wow oh wow! Now this is a great pair, that not only adds a lovely tan shade but some SHINE that will blow your mind! I felt the colour was just right for my legs; it wasn’t too tan so it looked out of place when my arms were against it and not too light where it just looked awkward.

The quality is not too bad to be honest. I have tried similar pairs where I felt it lacked, but this pair is not bad at all. They are hard to snag up let alone ripping them so I am quite pleased about that.

The fit was pretty good, and worked for me in the end. I was quite worried that the extra material would just end up wrinkling at the ankles, but this wasn’t the case at all. I managed to evenly spread it across the legs, so there was no gapping or wrinkling to be found. I would advise size medium to large for this pair in my opinion.

The feel of these are SO SOFT and incredibly SILKY to touch. This is the pair that has your legs (and hands) slipping off each other instantly. They are lovely to be in, and luckily there is no skin irritation either.

Now that shine. I had to get a natural vs. flash image for you all so you can see how gorgeous they look in different lighting. I was very impressed!

The Toes & Ankle: as with the legs, the toes have plenty of stretch to them as well. This means no pressure is added during my wear, and there is no tightness around the toes either. These sadly don’t come with reinforced toes, so you gotta make sure that those nails are short and smooth.

Around the feet and ankles, these have a lovely smooth finish with no wrinkling.

The Waistband & Gusset: now this is where I do need to get into more detail, only because this made no sense to me.
So the waistband is wide – and I mean it can sit under my bust. The thing is, it doesn’t show it to be that high on the model and there is no silicone to keep the waistband up that high either – so what’s the point?
It just means I am left with this rolled up mess sitting under my dress. I will say this is not comfortable at all, and actually gave me more hassle than anything. It was such a waste.

Apart from that, these were not too bad in the end. These do have a double back seam, but ended up being ok once I adjusted it a few times. I really don’t like them, but if it’s a one size pair, they tend to have a double seam for support.

My Thoughts?

Aside from the waistband, I love this pair. That shine is beautiful and the colour is lovely to wear out and about. I really did enjoy being in them, and would still recommend, despite my negative points.

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