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Romartex Sonia Hold-Ups

So we are back onto red once again – thank you to a follower who gifted these.

My Outfit:

I opted for grey and my black studded heels with this as a smart casual look. The jumper does sit on the lace band but I lifted it up a tad just so you could see the design on them. You can also pair these with sneakers or timberlands to make it more casual if you’re not a heels fan.

I just wanted to wear these again because I love them so much!


Let me start off with the packaging on these:

Compared to the last time I received Romartex nylons, I have to say it has improved. Previously the card seemed to have an oil-like substance on it and it did make me think if they had been travelling around. But I can say this time, they were packaged really well. They were nicely wrapped around the cardboard and were easy to just swish off.

The silicone band is pretty strong on these – although they were easy to pull apart to begin with but once they are on, they don’t really move. I made the mistake of not folding it over backwards when rolling on my legs, so it kept getting stuck and then decided to stick together.

They do have reinforced toes on these – although it doesn’t state on the packaging, you can tell in the last picture that they do as it shades darker than the rest of the stockings.

I do love the lace band on these, they are pretty thick but looks so lovely on. You can’t really make out the design until you see it up close, but they are lovely and would work well under dresses or in the bedroom.

I like the 20 denier sheers on these – it’s just the same as the tights I had from them – silky and soft. They do have a lovely sheen to them in the light.


The only bad point I have to make is that they quality isn’t too great. I mean they are lovely but they do snag quite easy. I ended up snagging right at the end when I was about to take them off!!


So would I recommend these? Yeah I would as they’re not badly priced and do look lovely on. I wish they were slightly thicker in denier though to make them pop.


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