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Romartex Opaque Blue Tights

Not going to lie – these are my first pair of actual colour tights. I know I have done a patterned burgundy red before however I have never done a block colour such as blue! So this review is going to be interesting…


So let me start off with what it states on the packaging:

  • It states that they are 40 denier matt tights with a cotton gusset and reinforced toes. – I can vouch that they do have reinforced toes and they are matt. However they seem like they are more of a 30-40 denier on my legs.
  • They were packaged very well – double wrapped too! They do look pretty dark against the white cardboard but a different story when they are on.
  • They feel so smooth and soft and so easy to glide on – I didn’t even have to watch the anklets for snagging – so good quality I must add there.
  • The waistband is pretty sturdy, however it does drop a little after wearing them for a long period of time, but not much mind!
  • I love how sheer they become – I thought they would be pretty dark however against my cream jumper, they just looked perfect! I suppose with colour it wouldn’t be as dark as blacks would be being 40 denier.

The only blah point I would make is that if they are rubbed against another material which can be quite coarse, this will ruin the tights. I had a zipped bag which ended up catching onto my tights and snagging them on the thighs so not pleased about that!


Would I recommend these? Yes I actually would as they are lovely to wear and so cheap to get. I thought they wouldn’t be a decent quality however they did surprise me!


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