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Romartex Colourful Opaque Microfibre Hold Ups

Time to get y pumpkin game on point! I instantly though of pumpkins when I put this outfit together and giggled my way through the day every time I passed a mirror.

I wanted to create a bold piece, and as I am still experimenting with colour blocking, I played it safe with a bright top and bright legs!

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The Spec

Colour: Orange

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 40

Materials: 86% Polyamide , 14% Elastane

Price: £6.49

Website: Amazon – Colourful Opaque 40 Denier Microfibre Hold Ups Stockings by Romartex, 25 Various Colours, Sizes S-XL

My Outfit

Keeping it smart casual for the day, I paired up my orange slogan t-shirt with my faux leather skirt and added black court shoes to keep it simple but loud enough.

My Deets

T-Shirt: New Look

Skirt: New Look

Holdups: Romartex

Heels: Lost Ink




The Review

From The Website: 40 DEN hold ups stockings available in 4 sizes and 25 colors. High quality, stretchy, with double silicon band for a comfortable and secure fit. Perfect for every day and evening. Lace pattern may be different than the one in the picture.

25 colours to choose
4 sizes: S, M, L, XL
86% Poliamid, Elastan 14%
Model: Silvia
brand new
manufactured in the EU


The Packaging: well this is slightly different to the usual Romartex packages I have seen before. This one is a little more fancy, and I quite like it. The front shows the model wearing a pair in black along with the brand name, denier and model name. Flipping over, you find a small amount of info about the pair inside along with the sizing guide, composition and hosiery care.

When you get in, you will find these wrapped in plastic and folded around plain card. These come flat so there is no foot or leg shaping to them.


Getting Them On:


On The Legs: can I just say how impressed I am with how opaque these are?! I did not think they would turn out like this on the leg; I AM LOVING IT! I love how bold and bright they look and this is without any layering. I gotta say this is gonna be a good review for sure!

The colour is pretty out there I know, but I wanted to try something new and I am so glad I got this pair to do it with. I didn’t know what to expect, but I am so happy with the results for sure!

The quality is brilliant; the block colour is to die for, they don’t snag or rip easily and they have a good amount of stretch to them so you can sit it high or low on the thighs. I didn’t expect them to be this good!

The fit of these are spot on; I felt there was enough stretch for me to get good coverage without an ombre effect going up the legs. I would always recommend checking the sizing guide as well before you purchase, but I am so happy with this pair!

The feel of them are semi-soft; I say this as they aren’t rough but they aren’t that smooth as I thought it would be. To be honest, something like this would normally bother me, but it didn’t much this time. I expected them to be a matte finish, and they actually are, so you kinda expect them to not be so smooth and silky to touch. I did like them regardless.


The Toes & Ankle: I am super happy that these have reinforced toes to them; it’s a very faint difference between the toes and the rest of the material. You will be able to see it if you zoom in or look closely. I love the fact they have that as not only do I have a thicker denier anyways, but I have that added support around the toes too so I don’t need to worry too much with long nails.

I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes and no pressure was added either.

Around the feet and ankles, I loved the fit. It was smooth, it was fitted and there were no wrinkles appearing either.



The Bands: I really liked how well these stayed up all day without any signs of it pulling away. I did put them to the test and kept pulling them down and up and away from the skin to see how well it would stick back on each time – it did not fail me that is for sure!

They have double silicone bands at the top to keep these in place, and they do such a great job as well.

The band itself is super pretty with the lace patterns; it works so well against the opaque legs. However, it does blend in, which I personally don’t mind, but I do know some people who wouldn’t appreciate that. The saving grace is that the lace lets the skin colour come through behind it, which does lighten it up and make them stand out a tad.



My Thoughts?

I was super impressed with this pair; I didn’t think they would be this opaque until I got them on the legs! I love that it didn’t become semi-opaque unless it was around my knees and the quality is great as well. It was a nice surprise for sure, and on that note I would recommend these for sure!