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Romartex 40 Denier Purple Tights

So I’ve been adding a few of these in this brand to my wishlist just to see what they are like. They’re super cheap and affordable, however I find that the quality of them can vary. I had a pair of red in these and I wasn’t too pleased, but this time I thought as they’re supposed to be a thicker denier, let’s see what they’re like.

Thank you to my follower who gifted me these! I was super excited when they came through the door – a colour to work with!


My Outfit Today

Well I did go a bit vampish today – not deliberately but I played it safe and opted for black instead of another colour to pair with the tights. I have to say that this colour is more for Autumn than Summer, but I wasn’t gonna wait another few months to get these on!

I would have done court shoes once again with these to give it that more formal look, but I haven’t worn my boots in a while and  to be honest, I missed them!

My Deets:

Dress – Bench

Tights – Via Amazon

Boots – Forever21


The Review

Let’s start with the packaging – they came very well packed. As you will see on most of it, it’s written in a foreign language. It states the colour of them at the back along with a peephole at the top to show the exact shade.

Once you’re in, they are found wrapped around cardboard. This is where you now need to be careful as most tights that aren’t good quality can snag against this.

These are a lovely shade of purple, almost hitting the aubergine shade which will be interesting to work with other colours. They state that it’s 40 denier however these are fairly sheer. I expected them to be slightly thicker and a deeper colour. Although it’s not a bad thing – it just means for some they’re easier to work with than a block purple.

I would like to think that they have invisible reinforced toes, however it doesn’t make it clear on the packaging whether or not they have these.

A good sturdy band on these – they haven’t budged once all day. It’s quite thick in width – around 3cm I would say.

The feel of them – oh my god they are so smooth and so silky soft, where your dress doesn’t even cling and just glides right across them! Even when you rub your legs together, they just slide over one another!


I do have a few pointers on these tights:
Now the line you get that runs horizontally against the toes > I like it when they sit where they’re supposed to. When you scrunch these starting from the top working your way down, you will find that they sit bent. One side it was sitting vertical and the other was sitting diagonal against the toes. So they aren’t very well lined up and you will need to pinch and pull this into place if you’re anal like me about that kind of thing!

Another is that you may find you snag it slightly getting it off the cardboard. It was wrapped quite tightly and I gently got it off and I saw it just catch the end and there you go – it’s started already!


So would I recommend? Yeah for the price you pay, even if they did snag it wouldn’t be such a big deal. They’re a cheap and playful pair to have and I’m so glad I know how purple in my collection!!!


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