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River Island Logo Sheer Tights

So I never do this, but I really wanted to try it out…

I was just looking at my wardrobe, wondering how I can create a statement look, and I decided to try something that look ‘high end’ – by matching logos and prints! I hardly do this, as there is a fine line between it looking good and silly… So I am hoping this works out in my favour!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size

Denier: Around 20-30

Materials: 5% Elastane, 90% Nylon (polyamide), 5% Polypropylene

Price: £8.00

Website: River Island – Logo Sheer Tights

My Outfit

I tried my best to keep this matching well; I paired up my midi knitted bodycon dress with the logo tights and adding my patent court shoes. I kept jewellery simple so it’s not overpowering!

My Deets

Dress: River Island

Tights: River Island

Heels: Carvela

The Review

The Packaging

Getting Them On: as these are a one size pair, they tend to have a lot of material to them and plenty of stretch. I did my scrunch and roll, taking care going over my anklets and letting material go as I work my way up the legs.

They were fine going over my anklets too!

On The Legs: so I will say I wish this was a smaller size, as I would love to have seen these super sheer on the legs. I mentioned before; one size pairs tend to have more material to them, which means I ended up getting a darker denier on the legs compared to someone who fits a size large and they would get a really lovely 10-15 denier look. I’m not complaining here, but I would have liked them to be a little lighter compared to the 20-30 denier look I am working with.

The quality of this pair is not bad; I managed to snag them when I was messing with them during the day and they started to wiggle down the legs. My dress didn’t help as it’s super fitted and was rubbing against the tights a lot to cause it to move. I wasn’t overly impressed with the quality but then again I didn’t have my hopes up too much with this pair.

The fit of these are ok; I found them to be a little too long for me as I had to bunch them at the top of the thighs in the morning, and that worked its way down the legs creating a darker denier look. I also nearly had wrinkles around the ankles too, WHICH IS A NO NO WITH THIS PAIR! I didn’t buy them to give me wrinkling around the feet!

The feel of them are also ok; they are smooth, but not that soft. To be honest, you can tell it’s the cheaper material they used. It felt grainy, it is super matte and it’s the type that particles stick to the tights until you dust/pick them off. I was not overly impressed to be honest. I also do feel these could irritate your legs if you have sensitive skin too.

The design however, is one of my favourites. I love bold, statement pairs like this, and paired with a bold dress worked really well. I liked how it worked from the reinforced to the to top of the thighs.

The Toes & Ankle: these come with reinforced toes, which cover the toes fully at the front and back. I had plenty of wiggle room in them, and no pressure was added either.

Around the feet and ankles, it is a smooth finish with no wrinkling – although it could easily occur when they start to fall down!

The Waistband & Gusset: okay so the waistband isn’t too bad. It is a thin band, which sits around the belly button on me, and had a ton of reinforcement underneath (the reinforced boxer brief I like to call it). The band itself has plenty of stretch, and it needs to if they are catering for all sizes here. It also stays in place all day, without shimmying down the waist.

There is no gusset to this pair, as you will see in the 3rd image below. It is just a middle seam.

My Thoughts?

Okay, so not a bad pair. The only thing I like is the design to be honest. – everything else didn’t hit my usual standards. Would I recommend? Maybe not…

2 thoughts on “River Island Logo Sheer Tights

  1. The graphic effect with the letters is stunning …
    Your rigor and your judgment on this pair of tights make me understand that it is not a “superb” pair …
    However, when I look at the photos, you wear them well …

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