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Richtoer Shaping Shiny Tights (Black)

Ooooooo we are back into some thick shiny deniers – I know it isn’t really the season to bring these out, but I fancied a little change.

Now these came as a pair – Black & Champagne. However, as I have done a big blog on the Champagne last year, I thought I would insert this below so you can read and see how amazing they were when I was last in them:

RICHTOER 70D Shaping Shiny Tights

This blog will only be dedicated to the black pair 🙂

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size

Denier: 70

Materials: Unknown

Price: £19.99

Website: Amazon – RICHTOER 2 Pairs Shaping Socks Oil Socks Shiny Silk Stockings Pantyhose Dance Tights

My Outfit

I dressed mine up for a night out. I thought it would make a change to wet look leggings. I paired up my kimono top with some statement court shoes. I added gold earrings and then a blazk blazer on top.

My Deets

Tunic: River Island

Tights: Richtoer

Heels: Justfab



The Review

From The Website:


  • Trendy style to show leg curve perfectly.Giving your legs a skinny and unique appearance.
  • Special and modern design makes you more attractive, charming, fashion.
  • The bottom of the garter is thick and not easy to wear damage, ultra-smooth and durable.
  • Say goodbye to the easily teared and ripped stockings.
  • Package Content: 2 pair pantyhose stockings.



  • Thickness:70D
  • Size: Free Size Fits 40-75KG(88-165 lbs),155-180CM(5 ft to 5.9 ft)
  • Show leg curve perfectly, pure shimmer dance ballet tights
  • These tights are great for dance, exercise, recital, costume, and fashion



  • They tend to look better on your feet than in the product photos
  • Works out great with skirt/cosplay costume/shirt dress/tunics. Go with jeans, short pants, on heels, loafers, etc
  • Function: Breathable, burning fat, shaping,absorb sweat,prevent beriberi, beautiful body & thin leg


Please put the pantyhose inside out to wear properly.
Hand wash at first before wear to keep it more durable.
Hand wash in cold water, lay flat to dry. Do not iron and bleach.


The Packaging: they came in a plastic wallet with the champagne pair and were wrapped individually. The black isn’t shown on any of the models at the front or back, so you have to get in to see it. There isn’t much to say about the packaging apart from they are double wrapped; once on the outside and once when you get past the card.

These do not have card inserted inside of it as they are quite thick and folded well. They also come flat so there is no leg or foot shaping to it.


Getting Them On: I didn’t need to turn these inside out like they stated on their website, as they came the right way around. I did my scrunch and roll from the toes to the thighs, taking care going over my anklets. I will say the more you scrunch these down, the tighter it does become.



On The Legs: let me start off with the gloss on these things! I knew what they were like from my previous review in the champagne colour, however I felt these didn’t seem as glossy as that pair did. I mean don’t get me wrong, these are shiny but the champagne coloured stood out way more for me. With flash, they shine like there is no tomorrow and in natural lighting, they are toned down slightly but still have a fair bit of shine when the light hits right.

The quality of these are great once again; hard to rip, snag or damage to be honest. I will say when these are stretched on the legs, I don’t feel they are 70 denier. They seem to become sheerer like 40-50 denier almost. I noticed it a lot more on the thighs than my lower leg.

The fit of these are great on the legs; there is plenty of stretch to them, especially at the bottom of the legs. I wouldn’t recommend these for larger sized individuals as you may struggle. I feel these would go from UK 8 to UK 14-16 max. Anyone sized above that, I feel these wouldn’t be for you. The feel of them are super smooth and really silky on the legs. Your legs just glide off one another with how silky soft they are on the outside.

Now a little side note: You may want to watch out wearing these in wet weather. These are the type that will spot on the legs and dry leaving a faint mark from where the water was sitting. IF this does happen, I would just wet it through and then dry them.


The Toes & Ankle: let me start off with the toes, and their reinforcement. You will get this patch going across the front and back of the toes, which are a thicker denser denier. You will be able to see it slightly on the 1st image shown below before it goes into a smooth texture. I have to say ta first these did feel tight around the toes, but as you walk around in them, they don’t feel as bad. It did help if you wiggle your toes and pinch the tights away from the toes now and again or stretch it out once you’ve worn them for a short while.

Around the foot, it can be pretty tight to begin with, but this will also loosen up as you move about in them. The same can be said about the ankles. As these are pretty fitted, you shouldn’t find any wrinkles around the ankles.



The Waistband: basically is what you see below. It’s pretty thin, but durable as anything. It starts off just a tad bit snug on the waist, but this does open up a little during the time you’re in them. I found these have plenty of elasticity, and this does not loosen either no matter how much you tug at it.

This sits just above the belly button on me, and to be honest this can also depend on your leg length and where the gusset sits on you. Just a little mention on the seams; these aren’t the greatest and as you can tell on the image below, these do dig in slightly and leave faint markings on the skin which is the only downside to them.



My Thoughts?

Not a bad pair at all; they are just like my champagne coloured pair I did but in a different colour. I did like the fit and the quality of them for sure, and if gloss is your thing then I would certainly recommend these!