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RICHTOER 70D Shaping Shiny Tights


Here we go with some glam for my birthday blog! This was supposed to be scheduled for Wednesday as the outfit I did want to wear today just wasn’t cutting it so I opted for this one to be posted today instead!

I love how you can get so many off Amazon that you have never heard of before! I would like to provide more information for you, however they don’t seem to have any about Richtoer.

Now these beauts were gifted by such a lovely follower of mine, and came as a 2 pair pack! I do have a spare unopened one going if anyone fancies them! – Or I just might keep them as a backup instead hehe!

The Spec

Colour: Champagne

Size: One Size

Denier: 70

Materials: Unknown

Price: £19.99

Website: Amazon – RICHTOER 2 Pairs Shaping Socks Oil Socks Shiny Silk Stockings Pantyhose Dance Tights

My Outfit

I have always wanted to do a glam outfit and I thought this would be perfect to pair up with some serious glossy hosiery! I paired my outfit with some platform diamante heels and created a party look!

My Deets

Full Outfit: Custom Made

Tights: Richtoer

Heels: Steve Madden



The Review

From The Website: SHINY SHAPING SOCKS. Trendy style to show leg curve perfectly.Giving your legs a skinny and unique appearance. Special and modern design makes you more attractive, charming, fashion. The bottom of the garter is thick and not easy to wear damage, ultra-smooth and durable. Say goodbye to the easily teared and ripped stockings. Package Content: 2 pair pantyhose stockings.

Size: Free Size Fits 40-75KG(88-165 lbs),155-180CM(5 ft to 5.9 ft).
Show leg curve perfectly, pure shimmer dance ballet tights.
These tights are great for dance, exercise, recital, costume, and fashion.

They tend to look better on your feet than in the product photos.
Works out great with skirt/cosplay costume/shirt dress/tunics. Go with jeans, short pants, on heels, loafers, etc.
Function: Breathable, burning fat, shaping,absorb sweat,prevent beriberi, beautiful body & thin leg.

Please put the pantyhose inside out to wear properly.
Hand wash at first before wear to keep it more durable.
Hand wash in cold water, lay flat to dry. Do not iron and bleach.


The Packaging: as I took these away with me, I didn’t bring the second pair to take that picture of how I first received them. They are identical pairs let me just say.

The front and back show 2 different models wearing 2 different colours in this make, so it confused me a little to begin with until I got inside. You will find these are double wrapped; 1 on the outer packaging and 1 when you get in under the card – the tights are in their own packaging. This is probably to preserve the quality of them.

These come flat folded and wrapped around plain card.


Getting Them On: so it stated on the website to turn them inside out before wear – I did not do this and just went straight for it. Whoops…

Anyways these do get tighter the further you scrunch them down, so do keep that in mind when you’re gonna get them up the legs. These were fine going over the anklets and up the legs. I did make the mistake of creaming my legs before I got these on, so please do excuse any lined marks near the thighs (if you see any) as that will be my little mishap!



On The Legs: well by the amount of images below, I can happily say that these were such a fun pair to be in and really worked for me!

Let me start off with the colour; it is one that is closely matched to my skin and gave me such a glowing tan look on the legs when you compare it to my arms. I loved how natural looking they are, like you’re not wearing any from far! I thought these were the perfect colour! I would love to see how these would look in black.

The quality of them are fantastic; I had no rips or snags at all, and even though I creamed my legs and made little wet lines on the thighs, it dried right up without leaving any residue or markings on the thighs like normal tights would do. I thought these were a fab pair!

The fit of them are true to size and I would have had a better glide up the legs if I didn’t cream before putting them straight on. I felt there was enough stretch in these, and I would hope there is plenty for slightly larger individuals as these are supposed to be a one size pair.

The feel of them are super soft and so smooth; you can just glide your legs right off one another wearing these.

I cannot express how much I loved being in this pair!


The Toes & Ankle: as you can see below, my nail colour only peers through slightly. This shows you how thick it is around the feet. You wouldn’t think it from far, but when you look for little details, this is where you can really tell.

I still had enough room for my toes to wiggle about, but I would recommend shorter nails in these as it is quite fitted around the toes and feet so you don’t want your nails causing you pain in these.

Around the ankles, you won’t spot any wrinkles as these are so thick and fitted!


The Waistband: now I didn’t manage to get any waistband shots as we was running out of time. But the waistband is damn good but also sits super high. It went past the belly button on me and sat inches away from my bralet! So I had to fold these down and keep them in place the whole time wearing my outfit unfortunately. This wouldn’t have been an issue with any other outfit, but as I was showing off my midriff, it just didn’t look right!

The band as you can see below is slim and pretty tight to begin with. This does loosen up slightly but not much, so you may want to stretch it out a few times before you get them on if this is gonna be an issue for you. It worked for me as I folded mine over and I needed them to be tight to stay in place, otherwise I would definitely have stretched them out a little.

These hold up the tights super well let me add, and they did not let me down once during the day!

They also have a gusset to them, which you may be able to see near the bottom which is stitched into the tights and fits like a dream against the skin. It doesn’t irritate at all, so you can wear with or without underwear.



My Thoughts?

These are so good for what you get. If you’re after a nice thick pair of glossy tights, these are the ones I would recommend. I loved being in mine, and especially in this gorgeous tan colour!

8 thoughts on “RICHTOER 70D Shaping Shiny Tights

  1. Happy Birthday !
    The best for you and this blog I love …
    You reflect on it a most radiant femininity.
    A superb composition for this occasion.
    lots of love

  2. Happy Birthday and now looking at your fantastic glossy hose is nothing short of stunning. I myself love wearing glossy hose and these are something I would wear for sure.

  3. Leg perfection on every level. You really do know how to push the boat out….don’t you, Miss Soni 😏😍

    Happy Birthday Blog to yoooooo 🎂👏