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PU Platform Boots by Koi Couture

Well well well… Aren’t these just a tad bit high?

I tell you now.. These are the highest pair of boots I own! They beat my Jeffrey Campbells for sure! In fact, they are the highest pair of heels I own! Thank you to my follower who gifted these!

So where do I begin? Let’s start it off from the basics:

  • Packaging – very well done I have to say. Individually wrapped to protect the PU, padding inside to keep the shape, and extra heel caps woo!!
  • Easy to get on and you have the extra padded comfort inside the boots.
  • The platform in the boots are high enough to support your feet so you’re not on the balls of your feet – you’re feet stay pretty flat.
  • So easily to walk around in – the grip isn’t too great at the bottom but by wearing these in, it won’t be so bad. There are other techniques you can get off Google to help you get a bit of grip at the bottom.
  • They sit just below the ankle bone – it did hurt me a tad as my bones stick out a bit but otherwise it’s pretty comfortable I have to say
  • Due to the size of these, you will need to be careful how you pair these. I find you can easily dress these the wrong way especially with it being black PU, but you may need to experiment. I went with skinny jeans and my floral cami top for a smart casual vibe. You can pair these with a dress and tights, but just be careful with Bodycons and mini skirts.

I couldn’t really find any bad points with these in all honesty, they are a lovely pair of boots and I would actually recommend these. You can get different colours in these if you didn’t want to go for black PU.




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