Shoe Reviews

PU Mary Jane Wedges by Koi Couture

Well if you haven’t guessed already, this one is a shoe review! Oh my god how cute are these pair?! I think they’re so sweet and ditsy!


My Outfit

Well if you follow my story on Instagram I was trying to find an outfit to pair these up with and guess what? I decided to go smart with them instead. I went for my skirt dress along with my skinny leggings and these babies! You can easily add colour with these shoes however I decided to do the monochrome for work.

To add to the cuteness, I went with my hair back and a small bow to finish it off!

My Deets:
Shirt: via eBay

Leggings: TopShop

Wedges: via Amazon


The Review

So the packaging is always great with this make. It didn’t come directly from them, but nevertheless it was still perfect enough. They were padded out and individually wrapped too to stop them from getting damaged and scruffed in transit.

Getting these on are a doddle – your foot just slips right into them and they are definitely true to size too. Although it did start to hurt my baby toe after a day of walking around everywhere in them!

The buckle across the foot is just adorable and adds that touch of cuteness to the wedges. I absolutely love that bow, and the fact that you can move is amazing. I decided to put them on the end to cover the buckle rather than in the middle – that is really up to you!

I do have to mention that these are maybe not the best shoes to wear on a hot day – my feet started sweating in them! I wanted to wear those lace footies that you can get, but because of the design of the shoes, you can see them stick out all over the place (it wasn’t a good look!) so bear that in mind!

After a while of rushing around on my stilts, the shoes so start to rub against your feet. I noticed it wasn’t at the back of the ankle, but at the sides of my feet (around the buckle area). I did have them strapped across quite snug so I don’t know if that is what did it, but another little pointer for you all.

Now the height – I measured it at the back and the front – Back is 5 inches and the platform being 3 inches. So your foot is actually flat rather than arched up all day!


Would I recommend? Oh yeah! These are the most cutest pair I have in my collection at the moment and these can be dressed with absolutely anything. I went with leggings and a shirt, but paired with dresses would be a winner!