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Prosecco & Gems

So lovelies I decided to do a post on an outfit I wore to dinner a few weeks back; it was too nice not to!

I normally dress in hosiery when I go out and about (yep even on nights out), but this time I wanted to show off my heels, and the toeless tights I had didn’t match my skin tone well, so bare-kegged I had to go!

My Outfit

T-Shirt: New Look

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Simmi

Lipstick: Nars Under My Thumb

Bag: Accessorize




The T-Shirt

Normally I tend to keep my t-shirts plain and simple or with a pattern over them, but I’m now (finally) getting into slogan and logo ones, which makes a nice change. This is one of the new ones I purchased not too long back in the sales, and I just thought it fit my night perfectly (although my prosecco was actually involved!)

I have a thing about tucking my t-shirt in unless they are oversized (or men’s) which I tend to leave out hanging. As the skirt has a corset belt on it, it’s nice to show that off.

Keeping my theme black and gold, with a touch of silver worked so well!



The Skirt

Now this little beauty is one of my favourite bargains.

I picked this up from Amsterdam when I went out shopping at H&M (because clearly I don’t do enough at home!) and I was double minded about getting it at first. I held it all the way around the store (and we were mooching around for a good 45 minutes) until I decided that I was gonna get it and return it in the UK if I really needed to.

Luckily it fit really well and it looked stunning on, so there was no way this was going back! I picked it up for 15 euros I think, which was discounted more than half price!

Anyways so about the skirt; it’s a lovely thick satin which falls so lovely once it’s on. It’s a circular cut which means you will get the best twirls out of this!

I love the corset detailing on the top; it’s a small but lovely touch to it, and perfect if you choose to tuck in tops and shirts.



The Heels

So the heels were my focal point of the night; according to all the passersby who kept on staring at my damn legs !

So these were gifted back in Christmas and I only had the opportunity to get them to fit me properly now (I mean the legs straps by the way). I thought it would be a nice touch to the outfit making it stand out a little more than plain black sandals would.

As you can see it works right up the calves and finished just under the knees; a pain to get on but gorgeous when they actually are and stay put all night long!



The Bag

And to add a little sparkle mid-way through the outfit was my clutch bag from accessorize. I thought it blinged it up a little seeing as I wasn’t wearing any heavy jewellery or bangles, which worked nicely

It’s a nude-ish colour which has a mixture of silver and gold work throughout it, and added to the overall look nicely!

It made a dinner outfit into a night out outfit in seconds!




One thought on “Prosecco & Gems

  1. You have chosen a very elegant outfit and the skirt is very beautiful, Lady Soni. (with cute lipstick, and beautiful
    nail color too)