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Primarni Sheers

So a lot of you might be wondering what the hell is primarni? Well this is the famous brand as known as Primark!

Now let me just take a moment here – I hardly ever shop at Primark and when I do, that’s when you I have gone to desperate measures!

I bought a pack of 5 glossy sheers for £3.00 and thought:

“Ah they’ll do for now, they’re gonna rip anyways!”

Honest to god, they are one of the nicest I have actually worn. I usually get plain sheers from Accessorize or Fiore online. However, this desperate buy was well worth it – and to be fair they look like an expensive brand.

  • They’re so easy and nice to put on.
  • The quality of them are actually good!
  • They are Lycra – which means SMOOTHNESS and damn well they are!!!!!!!
  • The waistband stays intact and doesn’t fall.
  • The best part is that if it does snag, you won’t really be able to tell.

Even so, even if they rip or ladder, because they’re so cheap you could just go out and get another box for £3.00.

So if you do have one around near you, I would actually get yourself a box and see for yourself  what you think.


Now I know I did say I was going to be reviewing gifts, but I bought this new dress the other day and was just eager to wear it and team it up with tan sheers! 😛

The deets:

Jersey Bodycon Dress – H&M

Tan Gloss Tights – Primarni (aka Primark)

Booties – Toms from Schuh

(Once again excuse the messy room – sister was still in bed!!)



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