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Pretty Polly Sweet Step 10d Tights

I haven’t done a lot of reviews on Pretty Polly in the past, but these I am so intrigued by. I came across them on the UKTights website and I just knew I had to trial them out. It’s just amazing how as time goes on, hosiery is becoming more advanced and has additional benefits rather than just something to put over your legs.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in plain black sheers, but it’s a key staple in the A/W wardrobe (as well as patterns) – some may not agree with me there, but it just goes with everything!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Denier: 10

Size: S/M

Materials: 89% Nylon, 11% Elastane

Price: £4.99

Website: https://www.uktights.com/product/4993/pretty-polly-sweet-step-10-denier-tights


My Outfit

Well I suppose you can say it’s pretty dark, but those shoes are my statement piece today! I bought them ages ago and was supposed to take them to Milan when I previously went, but it never happened. So today is the day that they’re coming out to play and being my statement piece!

I added my ruffle multi-coloured scarf (as it’s pretty cold at the moment) and then just added studs to finish the look. You can always add a long necklace or a few bracelets to jazz it up a bit.

My Deets

Dress: AX Paris

Shoes: New Look

Scarf: Adini

Tights: Pretty Polly

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The Review

On The Website: Have you ever thought how nice it would be to have your feet feeling and smelling fresh all day. Well now you can! With Pretty Polly Sweet Step 10 Denier Tights. With their patented nano-technology which allows the odour to travel through the material, you’re going to feel fresher for sure. Try these lovely tights, great quality, great look and amazing freshness all day long.

* 10 denier

* Stay fresh patch

* Patented nano-technology

* 89% Nylon

* 11% Elastane


The Packaging: when I received these, these were open a they are in the pic below. It shows you the sweetheart patch under the pink cardboard and then a bit of blurb at the back:

“With heart shaped stay fresh patch on the sole using Odegon smell busting technology. A new and discreet way to remove any foot odour. Safe for the skin.”

Getting into them I found that there was a small cardboard insert in one of the legs, which you will need great care taking out. The card is slightly rough (not smooth edged at all) so I would advise rolling down the tights half way down the card, and then lifting the card out slowly.


On The Legs: and hey ho! I managed to snag them straight away! I was so careful rolling them up my legs this morning, to find that my pinky had managed to snag the top part of my tights. Luckily it’s at the back and not visible, but God I was miffed!

Anyways, so on the legs they feel and look great. They’re a matte finish, which means the legs are gonna be looking on point and the denier is just right to go with the shoes! I have to say that these do look really rough and horrible before you get them on, but on the legs these are so smooth to touch!

The denier is just right! I am loving it – it’s perfect for very minimal leg coverage (which some women and men like) and you can rock these either day or night.


Like I seriously can’t tell you how much I am loving them right now!



The Toes: okay so there is slight toe coverage on these, but they do move during the day in your shoes – mine got pulled back slightly. There is plenty of wiggle room in these, and to be honest these could work with peep toes for sure. I wouldn’t say full open toe unless you’re happy to do so!



The Sweetheart: well this is something new and exciting. I can’t say I have ever seen a pair like this before that actually has this feature sewn into it. I got to say it actually works. Now not trying to say that my feet smell, but sometimes (especially in closed footwear) they do. But, I got to say that this ACTUALLY does work! Like you can’t actually smell anything to be honest.


Don’t think I actually nosed this (meaning put my nose right against it) – because I didn’t, but I gotta say that this little patches do work!



The Waistband: it comes quite high up to begin with if you’re a tugger, but they do slowly start to settle down the stomach and sit around the belly button. There is a cut-off point on these, but it’s actually quite high I found – they start around the bum and not under. No great shakes though as it means these can be worn with shorts and mini-skirts too!

The band is comfortable, it stays up well and the elasticity is great in it too!



My Thoughts?

I love these! Still can’t believe that I actually snagged them before I did a day’s wear, but then again that’s the only snag I got! I love the quality and you get what you pay for at the end of the day!

The sweetheart patch at the bottom  are just perfect, especially for those who are conscious of foot odour or have a problem with it. I would totally recommend these to those who wear hosiery (like me) on a daily basis! You can get them in nude and also as knee highs too!


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  1. WOW Soni in SHEER BLACK TIGHTS i like it a lot and with HEELS not my birthday until 8th Nov waiting to see what LOVELY Soni Panda will treat us too