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Pretty Polly Smitten Embellished Tights

Let me start off with a thank you to my follower for these J … I think they’re the most playful tights I own!

I do have another pair of PP that are embellished however there is tough competition between them both! What do you guys think? (On the sheers the embellishment is not really visible but it is in with the damask design – little diamantés are dotted on them )


Anyways, I had a lot of fun pairing this outfit this morning – at first I was in the mood for dresses, however I thought I need these to be the statement piece and what better way than monochromes and the statement tights and boots!

I did contemplate a red shift dress, then I thought there’s too much going on and I would have to pair with black boots or shoes. This would have also made it more of an evening attire than work.

So after my life story of this morning, let’s begin:

  • I was impressed with their packaging – as soon as you get them out the box, they come with a sticker advising how to get your tights on without snagging them. I was pretty impressed!
  • They were wrapped around the cardboard and not in it – THANK GOD! With PP I always notice they snag easy so that would have been a nightmare to get out of the leg!
  • I was so grateful that they were around a 15 denier sheer – it makes the design at the back just POP! It doesn’t state on the packaging what denier.
  • The same goes for the reinforced toes – you can tell in the pictures that they are visible and once again not stated on the packaging, so another nice surprise for me there!
  • It’s really easy to get these lined up at the back too – I thought I had to have that struggle of getting them in place but they were fine and stayed in place too! What helped was the fact that the backseam started from the toes and ended with the embellished heart at the top that sits at the back of your knee. If you are taller or shorter, this would vary for you.
  • Now I was pretty amazed with the ‘One Size’ on these – usually they are massive on me and I end up not wearing them, however these fit perfectly! Once again I think it is dependent on how tall or short you are – taller you would get a lighter denier (say around 5-10) and shorter it would get darker for you (say around 20-30). But that’s my opinion!
  • The embellishment is stuck on well – I did try tugging it a little to see if it comes off easily and it doesn’t – SCORE!
  • It has a nice fitted waistband too – tested that this morning when I was pace walking as fast as I could into work!

Now the only bad point here is that it does snag so so easily! I even had hosiery gloves on when I was getting these on and at the last minute it snagged on my thigh! So when getting these on, I would recommend taking your time and line it up as you go along to save you the hassle of doing it later if needed.


Would I recommend these tights? Yes I definitely would. They are cute and it makes your outfit super playful too. The amount of comments I got coming into work was crazy – everyone thought they were so different.

Yes they may seem quite dressy, but that is down to you and what outfit you are going for.

I went with my smart causal as I do for work. But as mentioned before, I would dress these up with a lovely flowy dress or go with a nice skater skirt and converses to make it more casual.

So my deets for today:

Silk Shirt – H&M

Shorts – H&M

Booties – Marks & Spencer


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