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Pretty Polly Rosy Tights & Deichmann Suede Knee-High Boots

And I am back reviewing again after taking a little break from it all once again. I have to say being married does take its toll now! But I will try my utter best to keep on going!

So this time I am doing a duo one for you all – new boots and tights! These boots I got 2 days ago from Deichmann and I absolutely love them. I never normally buy from there, but my homie wanted to go in and I saw them just sitting against the wall and I had to go and try them on! Not bad for £39.99 either and perfect for winter!

I already have a brown and black pair, and the last one missing was the grey – collection now complete!

I got the tights from UKTights online as well – made the most of the Black Friday deals and ordered a load to keep me going through winter! Oroblu is in that collection too, so I’m looking forward to doing that review seeing as Oroblu Tracy was such a disappointment.


My Outfit

So I kept it very basic this time around (seeing as it is freezing today) with my long t-shirt dress, patterned tights and my grey boots. I added my pinky-purple scarf as a statement piece (and also for warmth) to finish the look.

Curly or straight hair works with this – I was going to do curly and then realised that the past week it’s been bed hair so I decided to opt for straight to give it more of an office look rather than casual.

My Deets:

Dress: Boo Hoo Online

Tights: Via UKTights

Boots: Deichmann

Scarf: Adini


The Review for Pretty Polly Tights

So packaging – let’s start off with that. it’s always quite colourful and enticing with Pretty Polly. It shows the legs at the front with the tights on and then a small brief description of the tights at the back. Basic but enough. They’re wrapped in plastic inside around a cardboard which promotes other items. Sometimes they do have a tendency of putting the cardboard in the tights (which does annoy me) but not this time around!

Getting them on: I would definitely scrunch and roll these babies on as you don’t want them to snag whilst you’re tugging. They’re fine going over anklets and are quite nice and thick too. These are ONE SIZE so I thought they would be a little baggy and loose, however these fit perfectly and aren’t loose at all. If anything they really hug the legs beautifully and feel so comfortable to wear too.

The band on these are pretty tight I must say but they haven’t budged all day either. They do loosen up slightly as the day goes on, but otherwise they’re perfect! For those of you who don’t like them being too fitted, I would recommend stretching them on a skirt hanger overnight.

The denier: I love it. They’re really nice and thick – I’m pinning it down to around 40-60 and the pattern is just outstanding. I love the way it just pops against the net at the back. I do have a similar pair that I wore ages ago but these are just to die for. A real nice statement piece and would work perfectly with coloured sheers underneath to give it a 3D-look!

Unfortunately there are no reinforced toes on this one which is disappointing as I know they would have lasted a lot longer if they had them. But never mind; supposed I just have to be super careful of my toenails!


Overall thoughts on these? I really do like them and they’re such a decent price too for what you get. I normally don’t got for Pretty Polly unless it’s something completely unique, but these are a fab pair and will last you a while too. Just remember that pattern can be playful in so many ways, so don’t be scared to give it a go!!!


The Review for the Deichmann Boots

So now onto the boots! As these were a random buy, I just thought they would be perfect to give my thoughts and opinions on! It’s been a while since I’ve done shoes!!!

Packaging was pretty good – boxed up nicely with tons of stuffing inside the boots to keep their shape intact. They were folded in half, but they did have lot of tissue and cardboard in them.

These are knee highs however they do come up slightly higher on me as I’m a shortie, so they are sitting just above the knees. They still look amazing though and actually do make me look taller too!

I love that they’re lace-up at the back of the knees – it does make all the different with skinny legs. I was a little unsure just because they did look slightly baggy at the back, but once you fully tighten it at the back, it’s all good!

They fit absolutely perfectly too – and so nice to walk in as well. I got size 5.5 in these (euro 39) as I can never get my size right and they are bang on. Walking in these are like a dream – I have been in them all day rushing around and I cannot say that I’ve wanted to take these off as soon as I get the chance to.


Overall thoughts? I think these were so worth it. I told myself if I don’t like them, then I can always return them. But now I know I made the right choice! And the colour works so well for winter too!!!



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