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Pretty Polly Patterned Top & Toe Anklet Socks

Another sock review is coming your way today! I saw these on the Pretty Polly website, and I just had to get them. I’ve always wanted something similar to try out, and I finally got the pair! These were bought some time ago, so I apologise if they are no longer available to purchase.

The Spec

Colour: Blush Mix

Size: One Size

Materials: 89% Nylon 11% Elastane

Price: £5.00 / Sale £2.50


The Review

From The Website: Discover the new Autumn Winter 19 Fashion collection from Pretty Polly featuring bold prints, sparkly lurex designs and the much loved backseam has been given a revamp to reflect current trends.

Fibre composition: 89% Nylon 11% Elastane

Colour: Blush Mix

Available in One Size

The Packaging

Getting Them On: they were super easy to get on; you can either scrunch and roll or just pull them on gently. I tucked my anklets inside my socks this instead of putting them over.

On The Feet: these look super cute and actually quite fancy. I love that intricate detail around the ankle and the toes. I will say I wasn’t a fan of the nude colour. It didn’t suit my skin tone at all, as you can see when you compare to my legs. It made my skin look super light and pretty white, which is not what I expected. It would have been great if they were slightly more transparent, or if they have a slight tan colour to them so suit multiple skin tones. I feel this limits who can wear them.

The great thing about this pair is that you have the intricate print front and back, so it doesn’t matter which way round you wear them (unless you wear one side in completely).

The fit of them are great; they have enough stretch in them to fit multiple foot sizes. These don’t sit higher than what is shown on me, so you can choose to sit them as high or maybe push them down a little lower.

Around The Toes & Ankle: I had plenty of stretch around the toes, to the point there was some material hanging off the end to begin with. The toes come reinforced as shown, which matches the ankle bands. I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes to move freely.

Around the feet and ankles, they fit really well and looked great. The ankle bands were stretchy enough and hugged the legs well.

My Thoughts?

Not a bad pair I must say, however I wasn’t too keen on the colour of the nude. I loved the intricacy of the design and how amazing it looked. I would still recommend them, but make sure it suits your skin tone.

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