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Pretty Polly Legs On The Go Tights

So today I shall be reviewing Pretty Polly in barely black! I got these from UKTights online when they had their Black Friday deals going and this is a pair that I don’t regret going for! I have only ever owned another pair that was in barely black and it was such a horrible dingy green colour so I got rid of them. However, not only are these super sheer, they have a lot of benefits to them:

“Legs On The Go is the brand new range of support tights from Pretty Polly, an incredible range of items that each have some amazing qualities with Pretty Polly’s signature affordability. These are an ultra-sheer pair of tights and yet they are ladder resistant, making them ideal for wearing with smarter outfits and for nights out on the town, without having to worry about an embarrassing snag or tear.”

– taken from the website! They also have light compression too – perfect for those tired legs on long journeys!

My Outfit

Seeing as I wanted to wear my new shoes to work, I decided to team up with a white sheer shirt and my burgundy leather-look skirt. I wanted to keep it quite casual instead of full on work mode, so I opted for the brown shoes instead of black and kept my hair down than up to carry the look through.

My Deets:
Shirt: H&M

Skirt: New Look

Tights: Via UKTights

Shoes: ALDO


The Review

The packaging was lovely and bright I must say – it was the first thing I noticed when I opened my parcel! It was kept simple at the front and then a small blurb at the back just stating info about the tights (I wrote it in italics at the top). They were neatly packed inside around the cardboard and easy to handle too. When I say easy to handle – these are really thin and delicate so I would always recommend hosiery gloves. However with these, as they are ladder and snag resistant, you can afford to be a little careless and nothing will happen to them!

Getting them on is super easy – and over anklets is not a problem either. I scrunched and rolled them up just in case from the toes to the ankle but otherwise I was stretching the whole way through. I thought I might as well test out the durability on these things.

As they are one sized – they are fine for legs of my size; you won’t need to stretch a lot but if you are slightly bigger, then you may want to keep these scrunched whilst you’re working your way to the top.

You do get a cut-off point where it does become a thicker denier at the top of your thighs/bum area, but it shouldn’t be a problem for thinner legs as you can pull these slightly more up if you’re wearing something short!

The band on these are really nice and snug – they’re not thick at all and do stay in place all day. Also it depends on how much you have pulled them up as well, as they can sit at different heights.

The denier: it’s so soft to touch and it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all! Even though they are 10 deniers, they really don’t feel like it. I’ve had 8 denier before and they felt like they were around 15!

I wouldn’t say that these are top quality as they are Pretty Polly and are more in the affordable range, but they are decent I give you that. They didn’t snag once at all today and I was putting them to the test as well. I wouldn’t know about the compression side of it as I wasn’t on my feet all day today or travelling long distance, but next time I do, these will definitely be on to give a proper verdict.

Good news is that they have reinforced toes – you can’t see it from the peephole shot I took of them, but they do change in colour and go slightly thicker. I’m so glad that it was as my nails are long at the moment and are prone to ripping tights!!

I do have to mention that these aren’t pure black in any way, they are that weird khaki green colour I mentioned before (although this time they’re not dingy) so it didn’t match that great with my outfit once I got them on. However in certain lighting, they do look slightly black but it’s a hit and miss!!


My overall verdict? I think these are amazing! You cannot go wrong for the price they are as well! for those legs on the move constantly or if you’re known to be a snagger, I would recommend these as they are durable and would last quite a while! I can’t really say about the compression side of it, but I am sure that it’s there and does work for the legs!


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  1. Unbelievably sexy!!!! Love the up close pantyhose covered toe shots. Do you have a youtube channel or will be getting one?