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Pretty Polly Gloss Mock Suspender Tights

Gloooossssssssssssssssss!! I went through a phase of gloss for a while, and now I am finally back in a pair from Pretty Polly! I know it won’t be as great as the CDR and Platinos I have worn, but it’s nice to get a pair that is cheaper to buy and still can be as good for daily wear rather than luxury pieces.

I like having a combo in my collection; I can’t say that it’s all bigger brands and expensive hosiery, but I do have some cheaper brands like Primark, Pretty Polly, Next etc, as not everyone wants to spend a fortune on hosiery like us addicts!


My Outfit

Well the dress I wanted to wear was a little too short for work, so I opted for something a little more floral and knee high instead. I know it looks pretty plain Jane, but when you see what is underneath is the best part. That is what makes me feel sexy; wearing hosiery that you wouldn’t want anyone to see!

Now for work I paired up with my long grey thigh boots as it was freezing in the office (the heating is off and we are having freak weather) otherwise I would have strutted my stuff in these babies!

I added my pearl drop studs just to give it a little something on the top half – these just go with everything! Even if you dressed rock chick, they still would work!

My Deets:

Shirt Dress: New Look

Tight: via eBay

Shoes: Unbranded Suede Peep Toes

Earrings: Satori Accessories


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The Review

Packaging: Clean, vibrant packaging for sure! The model wears the tights at the front with a bit about the tights and at the back (stated in various languages):

Created today to evoke the vintage glamour of yesterday. Beautiful sheer gloss tights developed to give the look pf traditional Nylons, with the fit and feel demanded by women today. Retro glamour for the occasions when it is important to make a statement.

Mock Suspender Tights

10 denier sheer gloss leg look

Strong toes for extra durability


Getting into them: there’s a little note on the inner packaging about getting the tights on. The bad thing is that this doesn’t peel off and you got to rip it to get to the hosiery. Nice thought P.P!


Holding them in the air you will see that these twist a little. It’s flat packed from the bottom to the top of the design and around the gusset area is where it’s packed weirdly so you need to twist it a little around your hand and arm when you get them on to make sure they sit straight.

On The Legs: these are so thin! Even though they’re 10 denier, they look slightly on the bare side! And then the top is where it gets fun; it works from nude, into the suspender style, and then goes into a black denier (say around 30) to make it look like a garter belt. There is no design on that part; simply black, but I absolutely love this!


It’s playful and fun, going into sexy and classy towards the top.”


Around The Toes: is a gorgeous sheer. These I am guessing are reinforced toes as the packaging stated “strong toes for extra durability“, but to be honest I would either wear them with covered toe shoes or boots or wear them with peep toe sandals. I love it when it’s really sheer that you can see the nail varnish a lot clearer but I would just wear peeps and nothing more exposing with these.

It’s roomy, however does get slightly tighter during the day when your feet get hot so bear that in mind!


The Sheers On The Legs: are to die for. I love the way they match my skin colour and doesn’t make it too light or too tan either. It makes the suspender section a lot bolder and eye-catching whereas if it was a different colour, it would still be a focal point but the colour of the sheer would be where the eyes would go (in my opinion it would!)

Let me tell you the best part of this; if you snag, they won’t be visible! A run would be, but snags you can easily get away with! Because they suit my skin colour, and it looks so natural, it wouldn’t be obvious!


The Suspender: is so nice! From far it actually looks so real, but close up you can tell it’s a print on the hosiery. The only bad thing I have to say about this is you can see where the pattern joins together. Thank God it’s on the inner thigh part so it’s not that visible, but it’s just annoying! The straps on these are quite thick which makes it look a lot more powerful than a real suspender but I think that’s what makes me love them a lot more!

And then the way it then works into a black sheer top is just awesome. I half expected it to be nude sheers all the way with the strap ending at the waistband, but this totally works and would give that illusion to others.


The Waistband: is a good sturdy one to begin with, but does lose some elasticity after a day’s wear. I tested by pulling them up and down most of the day and then stretched it with my hands (being a little rough with them!) and I found that’s when they started to become a little loose. Perfect news for those who find some bands really tight and uncomfortable but bad news for those who like that (I’m one of these people!)


The Gloss: is something you don’t notice at first. Yes it states on the packaging and looks so good on the model showing them off, but when you get them on in normal daylight, you don’t really see it shine. Even at work, the lighting here is so bright and the gloss normally hits but it’s been semi-shiny and not the full whack I was expecting.


At home with the flash on, I found they instantly transform! See that lovely shine – I bet that’s what it would be like when the sun shines on them!


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Overall Thoughts?

For a cheap buy, these are so worth it. I am so glad I picked these up as I love them! As I mentioned before, I love the design (minus the little glitch in joining the pattern), I love the sheers as they totally suit my legs and I love them overall. Yep they do have their bad points, but even so, you can’t go wrong for something that you can pick up for under £5!

Thanks Pretty Polly!

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