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Pretty Polly Fishnet (Medium) Tights

So I know I have been slacking lately but I do have a good enough reason – wedding plans!!!

And I do apologise that it’s set me back a bit on my daily posts!

Anyways, this is a look that I did on Sunday when I was toddling off to Milton Keynes to go and meet my sister-in-law for the first time (most of you saw this post already on my Instagram) and I was honestly stuck on what to wear and how dressy to go.

I spent over 30 minutes trying to find a pair of tights and shoes to go with this dress, as I didn’t want to go too formal or too casual and I was dying to wear my new fishnet tights as well.

I kid you not when I say I covered the bed with most of my heels trying different pairs on and I finally settled with my nudes. I kept going for my black shoes which made it too dressy for this type of occasion, but would have worked perfectly for a date night or drinks with the girls!


Anyways so there isn’t much to say on this review as they’re just a standard pair of fishnets but will give you as much info about them as I can:

  • Packaging: P.P always tend to package quite well, showing off the design at the front of the packaging. They also came with the cardboard inside of it, but I suppose this wasn’t a biggie seeing as they were quite wide-ish fishnets so they wouldn’t have really snagged.
  • These you will need to scrunch and roll once you get your fingers inside of them – they came so slim and thin I struggled to find where I was going at first. But once I did, they just rolled on.
  • Anklets shouldn’t be an issue with these at all – but you may want to just make sure if you have anklets that can be sharp just in case they do catch.
  • I love that they are quite thick – I did catch them a few times on the white jacket but it didn’t rip or anything, so I am impressed!
  • I do like how nicely they sit across the toes – I always find this tricky with fishnets as you always get a toe popping out or something, but it wasn’t an issue this time around.

The only bad point is that the waistband is not great on these. They did stay up the whole day without really moving which is awesome, but it’s not a tight one and could move if you was wearing bodycons with it.


Would I recommend? Yep I would for sure. I love how versatile these can be – and the fact that they are now coming back into fashion too. I wouldn’t go any wider than these as it would look wrong but I think they just work – you can make them dressy as I nearly did or go more punky/egdey with it.


2 thoughts on “Pretty Polly Fishnet (Medium) Tights

  1. Yay fishnets 😍 I think fishnets can really make or break an outfit. I have gotta say that these really make your outfit pop and give them a classy edge.
    Hope you sister in law approved 👍