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Pretty Polly Enchanting Backseam Holdups

Now another pair that I have been putting off for a while now, but finally got round to doing whilst the weather is a little grim.

By the way for those of you who are new to Pretty Polly, I will be using the term PP for them in this blog.

Now seeing as I was running late this morning (I like my sleep way too much), I decided to throw anything on that was ironed and go with it, so please excuse if I’m not up to scratch like I normally am!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One size

 Denier: 15

Materials: 91% Nylon, 9% Elastane

Price: £9.99

Website: UKTights – Pretty Polly Enchanting Holdups


My Outfit

I wore my shirt dress which you can baggy up using the drawstrings to make it that whole fit and flare kinda look. I mainly like the colour of this thing rather than what it looks like on (hence why you wouldn’t see it worn a lot on the blog).

I left my hair down and in a frizzy mess as I didn’t have time to curl it myself this morning. I added small gold hoops and my suede slingback heels!

My Deets

Dress: New Look

Holdups: Pretty Polly

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins



The Review

From The Website: Dress your legs to impress this season with Pretty Polly’s Flirty range. This product is called “Enchanting” and is just that. A key fashion statement for every occasion with sexy, stylish hold ups designed with you in mind! For that perfect touch of vintage glamor through the party season

* 15 denier
* Flat top
* Vintage seam
* Pretty lace heel
* 91% Nylon
* 9% Elastane


The Packaging: if you haven’t bought PP before, then it normally comes in a smaller box-like packaging rather than a slim A5 style. The front always states the brand, the make and has the model wearing the hosiery on the side. The back goes into slightly more detail about the hosiery, along with the sizing guide and hosiery care:

“Dress your legs to impress this season. Key fashion statement for every occasion. Sexy, stylish & perfect for you.”



Getting Them On: as these aren’t shaped to your legs, you can just scrunch right down and get rolling on the legs. What makes it easier is the seam of the holdups actually sits on top of the backseam so just use that as your guide. I had to use the mirror at one point to make sure that my line-up was straight (Can’t be walking out all bent!)


What makes it easier is that these have that gorgeous heel design which sits just around the ankle area so you can easily get the seam to sit where you want it to.

As these are a semi-matte (well they look and feel it), these will probably catch onto sharper anklets, so do be careful.



On The Legs: they feel amazing! Honestly! They have a smooth finish to them, even though they are supposed to be matt I think and they fit like a dream.

The denier is great for daily wear if you want leg exposure, and it works well with the ankles design and backseam too.

The quality is really decent; I haven’t snagged these all day and you can even scratch your legs and not have to worry about them getting nipped.

The seam itself is one that is raised which means it pops out on the legs (literally) – giving it that bold look rather than stitched in and flat with the hosiery giving it a more subtle look. What I like about this one is that it doesn’t move throughout the day whether you’re walking or sitting down all day, or your legs are brushed against things.



The Toes & Ankles: fab-u-lous! I love them; plenty of wiggle room in my heels, no extra material lopping anywhere on them and they fit so well. Around the ankles there is no creasing or crinkling, which is fab!

One thing I do love is the sole design on them; you don’t get to see it I know but I love the way it works from the toes to the back of the ankle!



The Band: is really decent. I have tested them out so good today; taking them off, adjusting, moving them about etc. and they are still going on strong. I wore mine right under my tushy (I don’t like them sitting low where you can see it) and they held up so well throughout the day. I had no peeling or rolling down issues with them whatsoever; they were well behaved!

It’s a double silicone band which are both at the top; and they stuck on really well too. They haven’t lost their sticky-ness throughout the day which is always great, but I do need to test them out when the legs perspire in warmer temperatures to see what they’re like then!



My Thoughts?

I really do like these and think these are great! For what you get, you certainly get your money’s worth. I sometimes think that PP can be quite expensive but the quality isn’t that great, but with these it’s the complete opposite.

I love the way they look and feel, and the fact that the quality is good too! If you’re after holdups with a backseam and don’t want nothing too flashy or expensive, then I would recommend these to you!

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