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Pretty Polly Cute Bow Sideseam Tights

Okay so today was a lovely sunny day, which meant that I could get away with wearing nudes to work today without getting weird looks… Not that weird looks phase me, but it makes my day easier without having to fixate this weird creepy smile to those who are giving me the eye!

Once again, these were gifted via my Amazon Wishlist

The Spec

Colour: Nude/Black

Size: One size

Denier: 20

Materials: 80% Polyamide, 18% Elastane, 2% Cotton

Price: £2.99

Website: Amazon – Pretty Polly Pretty Cute Bow Sideseam Nylon Tights


My Outfit

I went a little casual with these today; I wore my CdR bodysuit under my dress and added my pumps. I did wear shoes to meetings, but I wasn’t in them the whole day!

My Deets

Bodysuit: CdR

Dress: H&M

Tights: Pretty Polly

Pumps: New Look



The Review

From The Website: Cute Bow is more sexy than cute! With the leg lengthening and visual powers of the traditional backseam, the re-imagined side seam is a brilliant variation of a legwear staple. Combine this with the bow at the top of the leg, a very popular feature right now, you have a pair of fashion tights that are beautiful to look at. Something that’ll enhance any outfit and most definitely enhance your figure.

80% Polyamide, 18% Elastane, 2% Cotton
FOR HEIGHTS 5’0 – 5′ 10″, WEIGHT 97-160LBS, HIPS UP TO 42″



The Packaging: so these came in a small slimline box (as most PP do). The front shows the model wearing them on the front (with that cute a** design!) and the back only goes into small detail about them.

When you get in, you see this small label (which is super handy for those who don’t wear tights often) on how to care for your tights and preserve the quality of them.

These come flat packed, with the side seam actually at the side of the tights (as shown below) so you know which way to get them on 🙂


Getting Them On: once you get your lineup right from the foot, you’re pretty much set to roll right on up. I had to do mine twice as the first time it went super wonky, and the second time I got the line up spot on so it made it easier.

To help yourself here – just make sure when you do the scrunch that the seam stays near enough exact so when you roll up, it’s less work 🙂


On The Legs: oh I am loving how these look. I wanted to show you in different lighting how these can change.; without the flash, they can look quite dull on the legs, and with the flash on it transforms and makes the legs look super smooth, silky and shiny!

I actually did a before and after pic (bottom left) to show you what it looks like when 1 side is on the leg compared to my normal skin colour.

The denier and quality are real good; I didn’t have any issues with these at all today which is always a good thing, especially when I’m out and about with work.

The fit and feel is decent too; plenty of stretch in them and they hug the legs well throughout the day. They don’t feel like they become loose and kinda just jiggle their way throughout the day.

The design is super cute and my whole office loved it; it’s something different and that bow finish just makes it totally cute!


The Toes & Ankle: so these have the reinforcement strip across them on the toes, which is perfect for thinner deniers! I hate it when they’re missing as you have to be even more careful with long nails and closed toe footwear. They have plenty of room and enough stretch around the toes to wiggle and breathe 🙂

Around the ankles, these are a nice smooth finish as well with that side design working from the reinforcement strip.


The Waistband & Gusset: a good thing is that these have a boxer brief, but the bad news being that short shorts and skirts wouldn’t really be suitable with these unless you manage to cover this part.

The band itself is a soft elasticated one which sits on the waist (around the belly button on me), doesn’t roll over itself and stays put throughout the day. I love the way they sat and I actually didn’t realise that I was wearing any – that’s how soft they felt! They have enough elasticity in them no matter how many times you take them off and put them on 🙂



My Thoughts?

One of the cutest I have done for some time now, and being a one size pair, I was impressed. Normally they tend to be quite big and baggy, but these have enough stretch in them which I was so happy with!

The denier, look and feel were super cute and served me well for the day! I would certainly recommend 🙂

2 thoughts on “Pretty Polly Cute Bow Sideseam Tights

  1. Fantastic review loved it and the tights have a amazing fashionable and stylish look on your legs. These I would consider wearing myself is just the look of these and the comfort you described is fantastic these are a must have in my book.