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Pretty Polly 15 Denier Barely Black Sheers

So I’m back to reviewing on my blog lovelies! Although I have another one lined up for LegsLavish Exclusive, I’ll update mine as much as I can first!

By the way I would like to just  apologise for those red blotchy patches on my leg – I had laser done a few days ago and I think I used a bodywash I shouldn’t have and it’s reacted to it. Doesn’t help that these ultra-sheers just show it off!!

So here we have Pretty Polly Everyday Barely Black Tights – and yep they’re 15 denier and sheer as hell to the fact that it looks like I don’t even have any on.

I bought these just to try a few different lighter sheers for summer – so far I have 2 that I fallen in love with and I thought let’s try P.P as they are supposed to be ‘alright’.

  • Not overly impressed with the way they were packaged – as soon as I opened the box, they were just wrapped around cardboard. I expected some plastic packaging just because they are extremely delicate and could easily snag in the box.
  • It doesn’t really state if they have the cotton gusset or reinforced toes – I think they must think we like playing the guessing game here! But luckily when I got them on, they do (you will see this in one of my pictures below).
  • I had to scrunch these and then roll them up just because they are super fine and would snag easily. And guess what? THEY DID at the top! With anklets, just be really careful when you get it over them – I had to work them up slowly to make sure.
  • They do fit really nicely but don’t have a shine to them – they feel quite cottony where fluff sticks to you rather than the gorgeous shiney ones that you can get. Then again I didn’t opt for gloss in these. Ah well!
  • I’m not too sure about the waistband on these to hold them up – they don’t seem to feel sturdy like they would hold up for the whole day, but we shall put them to the test today. So far it’s going ok but they do feel just slightly loose.

By the way – word of advice for my ladies (and gents too) – you may want to wear some undies that aren’t silky or satin-feeling just in case it rubs against them and then starts to fall down. Usually that shouldn’t matter, but with these I think you might want to consider.


Teaming Up:

As they are barely black (literally) these can work with anything! Shorts, skirts, dresses, culottes. Just everything in my eyes.

I went with a shirt dress today and my booties and it just looks like I have nothing on my legs (apart from my damn red marks). In the sunlight you can see them  a little better, but it’s just incredible!!


Would I recommend? This time I don’t think I will – only because I know you can get 15 deniers that are a lot nicer and don’t snag as easily as these. I’m the type I don’t want to worry about what undies to wear with my tights or have to worry so much about the band on it.

For a one off pair that you’re going to bin then fair enough I would say yes, opt for these. But for something that you may wear everyday I would day spend a bit more and invest in a good quality pair.


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