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Pretty Legs UK Ankle High Tights

I’m doing a lot of ‘firsts’ this year – it was knee highs before and now it’s ankle highs! I have to admit I have bought a whole load of ankle socks and tights because I want to switch up my style a little for Summer this year, and these were a pair that I bought back in January and haven’t had the chance to review until now – to be fair the weather hasn’t been great to wear just small ankle highs!

I found these on eBay and was a bargain buy – 4 pairs for £1.50 so I thought I had to give them a go at that price!

My Outfit

Seeing as it’s a clear out day at work, I decided to dress in ‘rag’ clothing, and them team up with these instead of my trainer socks.

To be honest, you can wear these with almost anything; jeans, under trousers, with skirts, pair with shoes or flats. It all depends – a lot of people would wear these under trousers and with open top shoes, but seeing as it’s becoming more fashionable to pair up with shoes and dresses, I thought let’s switch it up slightly and wear with rolled up jeans and converses of course!

My Deets:

T-Shirt: H&M

Jeans: TopShop

Trainers: Converse

Tights: via eBay

The Review

Just bear in mind that this won’t be a long review as they are only small little things, so it’s more about the quality and pairing up than anything else.

Packaging: is pretty basic. Very simple at the front showing the model wearing the tights with a pair of shoes, and at the back is so sparse. It tells you the materials, washing instructions, sizing guide and states the following:

15 Denier Sheer Ankle Highs. Comfort top. Reinforced toe.”

Getting inside, you’ll find 4 nicely folded pairs of ankle tights just waiting to be worn! I love how cute and small they are!

Reinforced Toes: are the best thing about these. It’s a pair that you can tell but I actually don’t mind – as long as they have them it doesn’t matter about long toenails!


The Colour: is nearly black, and it certainly is. It’s not that weird greeny colour that some hosiery can be (thank god I hate that colour)! I really like the contrast with these; bolder toes, sheer foot and a bold ankle trim! It certainly does look good and I think it would work with sandals really well too!


The Ankle Trim: is something I really like and it’s pretty versatile as well. I first had it just sitting flat but then I realised it made my legs look a little podgy, so I decided to fold them in half to make the trim thinner and it looks so awesome. The best part is that it has stayed folded down the whole day and not rolled up once!

I have to say it is very comfortable on the ankles – not too tight or loose and grips so well throughout the whole day. The elastic is still going strong after tugging, pulling and pinching (I was testing them throughout the day just to make sure) and it’s all good!!

The Feel of Them: is pretty rough to begin with. It felt a little like sandpaper and I thought “What am I putting on my feet?!” but when you roll them on, that’s where it instantly turns into a smooth sheer. I won’t say it’s brilliant quality like CDR, but it’s good enough for the price you’re paying for them. I can see these being long-lasting if you look after them well.


If you was to snag them, it would certainly show in this type of material, but it wouldn’t be something that would run easily I have to say.

Overall Thoughts?

I really do like these – cheap, cheerful and it does the job well! if you’re a newbie starting out, I would recommend these to begin with just to get a feel for them and then take it to the next level slowly. I have to say as I’ve dealt with a lot of different qualities over the past few years, these are pretty low but still good enough to parade in!

Next time, I will be wearing heels with these (both sandals and court shoes) and see if I still feel the same as I do now wearing converses with them!