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Pour Moi Boudoir Half-Padded Bra & Thong Set

Onto Day 2 of this gorgeous collection by Pour Moi. Once again I got these a while back and due to personal issues, I couldn’t get this up sooner so I thought let’s do it as a Christmas treat for you all!

In the meantime I have worn this set a good few times, so I can go in great detail about it which I am so excited to talk to you all about. It’s one of the nicest lingerie sets I own to date, so believe me when I say whenever I can I will get it on!

The Spec For Both 


Boudoir Half Padded Bra



Boudoir Thong



Oyster Black Oyster Black





70% Polyester, 21% Polyamide, 9% Elastane

100% Polyester

Price £22.40


Website UKLingerie – Pour Moi Boudoir Half Padded Bra

UKLingerie – Pour Moi Boudoir Thong


My Outfit

So I went casual with this outfit; I know this is pretty sexy to wear but just remember you can take it out the bedroom and make yourself look and feel confident in it. I always wear my set out and about when I go out and even to work. It makes me feel good and the fact that I am matching for once makes a big difference too LOL!

I went with my grey Timberland hoodie along with my black ripped jeans. I kept it proper casual but let my lingerie do the talking.



The Review On The Half-Padded Bra

From The Website: Boudoir is one of the most subtle and versatile ranges in the Pour Moi collection, but is also one of their most impactful and feminine too. The crisp oyster white colour of the cups makes for a fresh look and is also a stage for the black floral motifs too. Whilst these motifs are impactful, it is nothing compared to the cut outs on the cups. These are jaw dropping in their attractiveness and with moulded cups and underwiring, the new Pou Moi range is simply unbeatable for flattering your figure. Matching items available.

* Floral embroidered

* Tulle fabric

* Moulded cups

* Underwired

* 70% Polyester

* 21% Polyamide

* 9% Elastane

The Packaging: when it arrived it came in clear packaging; easy to get into and get right on!



The Front: is just stunning. I love how simply effective it is and that’s just looking at it lying on the bed! It is minimal but to be honest, that’s why I fell in love with it. It’s perfect to wear for bedroom purposes or if you decide to wear it daily. It’s a lovely creamy/white (or oyster is the term) colour on the cups with black detailed lace flowers. It also has a black mesh strip going across the top / middle (depending on the shape and size) of your breast. This does move a little it’s not a straight flush fit unless you iron it a little to make it sit flat.



The Back: is plain compared to the front now! You have 3 adjustable eye and hooks which allows you to find your perfect fit against your back.



The Design: I just love it. I really do. It’s hard to wear the bra with certain light-coloured tops, but you can always wear a slip underneath so it hides most of the design. Or you can wear it as a showpiece (like a bralette) as that’s an in-thing (and I still do it!)

The black lace just pops right against the oyster and the colours together give it that rich luxurious look. Not to mention the mesh black strip across which makes it different from a regular bra!

Oh I forgot to mention that it has mesh on the cups too!



The Black Mesh Strap: so this is just gorgeous and makes the bra just stand right out. So on me it curves at the top of my bust as the cup is a little low. Without the strap, this would just seem like a half-cup bra with everything about to fall out of it! And if you compare this to the Basque I did, it is different and this is what gives it that bedroom look!


The Fit: is just spot on! it fits like a dream; not tight or loose at all. If needs be, you can always add on a bra extender with the eye and hooks. It is underwired which helps to keep your bust in place too rather than it being non-wired and it does its own thing!


The straps are adjustable of course so you can always play around and get that perfect fit.



The Review On The Thong

From The Website: Boudoir is one of the most beautiful ranges Pour Moi has released in a while, which is really saying something. But it is indeed true. The oyster white colour is delightfully refreshing and sets the stage for the black flower motif that catches the eye. After it is caught, it’s the tulle mesh that is seductively sheer and the dramatic cut outs that truly hold one’s attention. All in all, this thong is sensual and feminine in the extreme. Matching items are available here at UK Lingerie.

* String thong

* Mesh fabric

* Embroidery floral detail

* Little satin bow

* Matching lingerie available

* 100% Polyester

The Packaging: once again like the bra, it arrived it came in clear packaging.



The Front: is a gorgeous mesh oyster coloured front along with the black string to make it stand out and look damn amazing. It has the floral lace panel covering majority of the top where it them becomes dense as it works into the cotton gusset part.




The Back: is all string baby! So for those of you who are comfortable wearing these, they are perfect for bodycon or fitted dresses or those skirts that normally don’t hide pantylines. These are perfect. It is really comfortable and doesn’t irritate during the day either.

This does have a label at the back which I ended up cutting off as it didn’t look attractive and the last thing I needed was the Pour Moi to be shown to everyone through a white dress LOL!



The Design: I love it – just like the bra it’s simple. subtle and does the job. It works perfect with the bra and also with the basque too. You can also get this as underwear which covers more of you from their website, but it’s personal choice here really.


The Fit & String: I can’t say much apart from they fit perfect and the string holds up really well. At the end of the day, you want underwear that stays put, doesn’t feel like you’re wearing any and looks good…. and this is all of that rolled into one.

I have no complaints with this whatsoever!




My Thoughts On The Set

I seriously love it and I’m not just saying it either. The Basque was a hit and this set is one that you can wear anywhere. I managed to wear my Basque out or under clothing, but a lingerie set is different.

The fit is just great; I can’t complain at all. The colour suits me really well; not too light and certainly not dull-looking either. You will need to just check if the bra shows under your clothing as I found I can’t wear this under white tops, but coloured and (obviously) black is fine.

The design is just gorgeous; simplicity is key here to create that sexy feminine look and they always say less is more!

I am in love and I would totally buy this brand again from UKLingerie! Thank you so much for this set! What a way to end 2017 hey!


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