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Pour Moi Boudoir Basque



I thought it would be the perfect present for you all to drop a review on this beauty!

I am so excited to be doing a piece created by Pour Moi (sold by UKLingerie)! I got this a while back but due to circumstances, it wasn’t something I could review until now… and boy am I excited?! As it’s been sitting there looking pretty, I have been pondering for ages how I could style this so I don’t expose too much but show you all how gorgeous this is as a piece and what it’s like when it’s on… and me being me, I have to do it with an outfit! It’s the fashion side coming out of me now and I found something that I think would look really amazing.

I also have a little follow on from this review, but I won’t be hinting it until tomorrow…

Heads up, I will be calling my breasts ‘cherries’ – don’t ask me why I just say that as I keep giggling when I type breasts …. *giggles*

The Spec

Colour: Oyster Black

Size: UK32 B Cup

Price: £40.00

Website: UKLingerie – Pour Moi Boudoir Basque


My Outfit

So seeing as this was more about the basque, I decided to dress it like I was going out. I didn’t add shoes into this review, but I would have certainly gone for a classy pair of court shoes.

I wore my furry jacket on top to expose the basque and wore my cobalt blue midi skirt (which is slightly high-waisted) so it shows off the top really nicely.

You can always add a classy necklace and small earrings – I wouldn’t go too heavy with jewellery as it can then look a little on the ‘trashy’ side.

My Deets

Jacket: Dorothy Perkins

Skirt: Quiz Clothing



The Review

From The Website: Pour Moi’s new range, Boudoir, is some of the most exciting and delightful items of the year, with a femininity that cannot be beaten. The slightly off white colour scheme is dazzling and eye catching, and more original than a purely black body would be. This lighter than usual look acts as a good stage for the black floral motifs that you can see here on the cups and hips. Together, the stunning monochrome colour scheme, the slightly see through tulle fabric, the moulded and underwired cups and the classic stocking straps all make this basque the stunning example of femininity that you see before you.

* Bandeau basque
* Floral embroidery
* Tulle fabric
* Underwired
* Moulded cups
* Slightly padded
* 4 straps


The Packaging: so when this arrived from UKLingerie, I was super excited to get into them. Luckily it was just clear simple packaging it was in, so I could rip into it (gently of course!) and get shooting!



The Lace: I am in love with the lace on the cups; it’s so elegant and classy looking I just can’t get over it. It’s dotted on the cup and also further down on the right (well left side when it’s on) at the bottom as a little touch. I do have the knickers to this as well, but for obvious reason I wasn’t showing it in this review as I want the attention on the basque!



The Suspender Straps: okay so the suspender straps are plastic ones, but they still grip really well. You may need to fiddle slightly as with ribbon kept getting in my way, but if you’re an expert with the rubber ones, then you just crack on love!


I prefer metal, but still playing with rubber so I get used to it and get them done up quicker than faffing around each time.

Anyways, back to the actual review… So the suspender straps are also detachable – same as the bra strap at the top; I left mine on as I was wearing mine under clothing for the rest of the day but you can always turn it strapless and rock it that way. That’s more of a personal choice but I know my suspender straps aren’t coming off; you need hosiery with these!!!!



The Eye Hooks: and here we go! So the back of the basque is pretty simple and this is where (if you have one) the other half gets to have fun hehe! I cheated and just pulled this over my head to get it on, but getting it off, I had to unhook it all.

You have 3 rows to choose from depending on how fitted you would like it on you; I always have mine on the tightest as it just shapes the body nicely and it was a snug fit on me.

Good luck if you’re getting this on unhooked!



The Cups: so I normally never expose my personal body sizing, but let’s just put it to one side for this review. The cups are great on these; they don’t squeeze my cherries and it isn’t loose that I have slight gaping between the cups and me. They cover the whole of my cherries which is quite nicely actually – but then this depends on how big busted you are to be honest. I found mine to be just right and to be honest, I wouldn’t have wanted it to be pushing me up or making them look larger.

You also have under wiring to give you extra support (for those of you who may need it) as well, so you’re covered (literally!)



The Fit & Feel: I love the way this fits. It’s just perfect and one thing I am loving is the piping / boning (people say different things) that you have on the front and back of the basque. This helps it to keep its shape the whole day. You get then going down the front and back and then also around the waist.


The feel of this is so soft and just luxurious. I cannot tell you how good I feel in this; it just boosts you completely and makes you feel like you’re a model when wearing it. I know this is more for the bedroom, but I styled it as a going out outfit, and then wore it for the rest of the day with a top underneath and I just felt so good.



The Look: I flipping love it. I just want to sum it up as that really; it just takes my breath away. I love the colour as it’s one that can suit a lot of skin shades and you can either expose it like I did or wear it under clothes (also like I did) depending on how you feel. I think it’s subtly sexy, yet elegant and classy. I don’t come across that many which you can take out the bedroom and style as a fashion piece, but this is one of them I felt confident to rock.

The thing that helps is that the cups are lined inside and then you have the additional lace over the top where your little pokey bits would normally be. So even if it was cold and you stepped out, you’re covered (I keep doing puns!) really rather than it being the normal sheer-style so you expose your cherries completely underneath.




My Thoughts?

Can you all just go and buy one please? Like now? I am loving this – and I would want you all to feel as good as I did when wearing this. I know I didn’t pair with hosiery this time (once again wanting the basque to be the focal point) it is just stunning and perfect to dress in so many ways.

Don’t just limit yourself to the bedroom with this piece; make it your statement or that cheeky little sneak peak that you get with a crop open shirt or maybe do what I did and just roll out the way I did(but make it classy though!)

The fit and feel is just perfect; I have no issues with it being too tight or too lose, it was just the perfect fit on me and you always have the option to adjust with the hooks at the back too.

The versatility to wear with or without straps and you can just keep it as a body piece and undo the suspender straps too and maybe rock with a pair of jeans? I just keep thinking of all the different types of clothing I can wear it with again!

Thank you UKLingerie for this beauty and for Pour Moi for creating such a elegant design!


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