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Plum Suede Courts by Essex Glam

Seeing as I have a few new pairs of shoes over the past few weeks, I thought I would get started on these babies! Thank you to my follower who bought these for me – never had a colour like this before so was dead excited to get them on!


My Outfit Today

Ok so I paired these up with my bodycon dress and just simple 15 deniers as I wanted the dress and shoes to be my key pieces today. I love how dressy it looks – enough for work for sure. You can definitely do this again with nude sheers for a special occasion too.

Bodycon Dress – H&M

Tights – Fiore Ada 15 Denier via Amazon


So they came well presented – Essex Glam are good like that. The box wasn’t damaged or anything and the courts were nicely wrapped in their own plastic with padding inside. They have that gorgeous new shoe smell once you open the lid too! UGH BEST SMELL EVER!

I’m impressed that they do have extra heel caps to go with them – thank god!

Easy to slip on and off – no need to use your fingers to slip and slide them on like I normally have to.

They do feel slightly tight around the toes, but I suppose being brand new, I’m sure they will slightly open with more wear.

The heel height is just perfect – not too high or too low. Perfect for work or going into town too. You may want to watch out for those cracks in the pavement with these – I somehow manage to always get a heel stuck in them!

They don’t have a front platform so you will notice that your foot will be arched when you wear these, they don’t sit flat at all – I won’t recommend to those who have foot problems.

The colour is absolutely stunning – I cannot fault it. It’s different but can work to make an outfit look richer and classier I must say. As soon as I got these on with this dress, it automatically added class to it. Next time I’m trying it with jeans and a top and see if it has the same effect!

The sole is standard – although I would advise putting rubber grips or equivalent underneath as on smooth floors, you can slip really easily. Either grips or if you sand it down slightly or use hairspray to make it sticky, that should work too. (There are more good tips if you Google it!)

I would say that these shoes are true to size too – I got these in a UK Size 6 / Euro 39 and normally they are quite big as I have slim feet. However with these, I feel that they fit perfectly with just a tad bit of room at the back for leeway and no insoles are needed either!


Would I recommend them? Oh yes I really would. I think these are stunning and so damn classy, every woman (and man) should get a pair to add to their collection. This is one colour that can work with a lot I have to say.


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