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PLEASER Fabulicious Chic-14 Satin Tie Ribbon Heels

Stepping into something a little different for you all in today’s review. I was recommended this pair by a follower to try out, and I thought why not. I wasn’t too sure how I felt about them first, but like they say – you shouldn’t judge a book bu its cover – so I thought I would get them and review them to see what they’re like.

The Spec

Colour: Black Satin / Clear

Size: UK 5

Materials: Unknown

Price: £33.00


The Review

From The Website:

Chic-14 Satin Sandals


4.5″ / 11.43 cm stiletto heels (Heights are approximate)


The Packaging: so these came as shown below. They come packaged in their own mesh bags and padded out with tissue to keep the strap intact.

I had a little gaze around them to make sure they weren’t damaged in any way. I was shocked to find these were made of pig suede inside the shoes; I wonder what it would be like if my feet started to perspire!


Getting Them On: these are easy to slip your foot into, and you have the choice to either tie the ribbon at the front or back. I decided to do the front this time. I also levelled up with the strap at the back so I didn’t tug it higher or sit the ribbon lower.


On The Feet: well where do I start? There is fair bit to say about them!

Let me start with the heel height; these are classed as high-very high so if you’re not used to it, I would practice in some thicker heels before you opt for these. The heel on this is stiletto and is super fine, and the last thing I wanna hear is someone has bought a pair and hurt themselves! These would be recommended for those who are able to walk and move in these without any issues. It does help that these have a rubber-like sole to them, so it’s not like you will be sliding around everywhere in them. I can see the heel caps wearing away super quick on these with the amount of pressure being put on them.

The ribbon tie is a lovely touch compared to an ankle strap. You have the ability to choose how you can tie them to suit your style and outfit. I also love that cross-over design on the upper foot.

These do have a small platform to them, which does help to support your foot slightly – and I mean slightly. This works from the front all the way to the back which you will be able to see close up.

The fit of these are true to size, and I would make sure you get in touch with the seller before you purchase if you can’t find the sizing guide. I took a chance with UK 5 and it worked in my favour, as UK 6 would have been quite big.

The insoles of these are interesting; they are soft, they are smooth, they don’t rub against your feet and actually keep your foot from moving when you walk around. I haven’t come across insoles like this ever before, and I have to say I quite like it. I don’t know how I feel about it being pig suede though.

The strap across the toes does help support slightly; it isn’t too tight or too loose on top of your toes. I felt comfortable enough to walk in these and not spot an issue.


My Thoughts?

I was nicely surprised by this pair, and I would recommend if these are your type of shoe. They were comfortable to be in, the heel height is just amazing and they actually do look lovely once they’re on!

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