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Playtex Durability 15 Denier Tights

Well it’s back to my tights game again.. After all those shoe reviews, I was missing them a little too much! Apologies to those who have been waiting patiently!

Thank you to my follower who gifted these! You can never go wrong with black sheers – especially if they are LADDER RESISTANT!

Now I can’t say I’ve put them to the test by deliberately trying to ruin them but as far as today went, they have done well. I nearly scraped my ring against them and usually it would catch and snag however with these, it didn’t at all. So that impressed me to the max!

God I’m already talking about the good stuff, so let me start bullet pointing now:

  • They were packaged well – in their own plastic wrapping and wrapped around the cardboard
  • They’re half the size of your leg length  – you know they’re gonna be snug and fitted as hell to your legs
  • They feel soft and cotton like – this is due to the fact that their a matt denier
  • They’re so easily to roll on and no catching the anklets either
  • The waistband is so soft and holds really well too – I thought I was going to rip it at one point as I pulled it too much but it was durable!!
  • They have the reinforced toe WOO! You can slightly see it in one of my pics!
  • These can be teamed up with any outfit and I mean any! As the point below mentioned it is a darker denier than what I thought this would work with anything (including trainers!!)

The only bad thing about these is that they seem like they’re 30 denier due to the darkness of them so I wish I didn’t pair it with my black dress and boots as it looked too dark.

Would I recommend? Oh yes – I can tell these are going to last me a while for sure!!!

The deets:

Bodycon dress – Boo Hoo

Tights – via Amazon

Booties – Forever21


3 thoughts on “Playtex Durability 15 Denier Tights

  1. Wowzers. Didn’t even know that played did hosiery to be honest. Never really done their lingerie as it always seemed a bit old and fuddy duddy for my liking. Gorgeous outfit Sonia. Love the dress 😍😍