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Playful Promises Merlot Seamed Stockings

HELLO NEW BRAND! I have seen them pop up everywhere recently, and I could not wait to get my hands on a pair to try them out!

Now I did try to dig for some information about them, and I struggled to find their ‘About Us’ section, so I will keep on hunting and update the blog.

The Spec

Colour: Merlot

Size: UK 8-10

Denier: 15

Materials: 91% Nylon, 9% Elastane

Price: £9.99

Website: UKTights – Playful Promises Merlot Seamed Stockings

My Outfit

Okay so this shirt and heels came out to play today. I have had this shirt for ages, and I haven’t worn it in so long. I paired it with my multi-coloured floral skirt and I added khaki heels instead of red. Plus I haven’t worn the for a while, so they had to come out too. I thought this combo worked really well.

My Deets

Shirt: Republic

Cami: New Look

Skirt: H&M

Stockings: Playful Promises

Suspender Belt: 6 Clasp

Heels: Primark

The Review

From The Website: Playful Promises is one of the most stunning ranges in leg wear and they perfectly capture the stunning vintage stockings look. These are the Merlot variety and they are the perfect choice for those that want sexy and feminine with some smouldering darker shades and a certain versatility too. These are exactly what we’d expect to see in a cabaret show or in a high society ball from the Flapper Girl era. And all of this from a British designer, with so much of that classic grasp of design and beauty that our nation is known for.

* 15 denier
* Flat top
* Backseamed
* Reinforced heel and toe
* 91% Nylon
* 9% Elastane

The Packaging

Getting Them On: as usual, I did my scrunch and roll taking care going over my anklets. I felt there was a nice amount of stretch in these whilst I was rolling them along.

I also had to take my time to line up the backseam before setting them in place.

On The Legs: I have to start off with this colour – I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT! It is such a beautiful shade of red, and I am all over this. I loved the pairing to really help it pop, and they certainly looked beautiful.

The quality of these are pretty decent, however I did find a few flaws with them during the day. The first one is how easy these snag up. I didn’t do much but I managed to get a few, which I was super sad about. Another flaw I picked up was these markings dotted around the legs. It looked like something rough swiped against it, but it was still super smooth on top. I am not too sure what this is or what happened, but I found these around the legs, which drove me a little crazy. Apart from that, they were fine.

The fit of these are true to size, and there IS SO MUCH STRETCH to them. I felt I had a little too much, and these could have sat a lot higher on my legs if they were longer. This certainly isn’t a bad thing let me say, but I was super surprised considering these aren’t a one size pair. I would recommend checking the sizing guide before purchasing to make sure you get a size that is right for you. I also like how there was no gapping around the legs at all, and no wrinkles either!

The feel of them are really nice. They are soft against the skin, and they are smooth to touch. I really liked wearing my pair for the day. These also don’t irritate the skin either, which is a plus point.

The Toes & Ankle: yep reinforced toes here loves, with a little reinforced heel too! I had plenty of stretch in these for my toes to wiggle, and no pressure was added during the day either. These also worked really well with open toe sandals if you like the reinforcement properly.

Around the feet and ankles, these have a lovely smooth fitted finish!

I haven’t forgotten the main selling point here; the soles! These have a great wrap around from the toes to the ankle, and then working into a backseam. I love that piece, and the fact that its the same colour subtly adds to the overall look.

The Bands: as you can see below, we are working with really awesome welts! I have these 2 great thick welts that my belts clasps onto well. These have a nice amount of stretch to them, so they don’t squeeze your thighs in any way. They say nicely around, and felt so comfortable to the point I couldn’t feel them during the day.

We also have the backseam working into the welt, so you get a competed look. I despise it when the backseam finishes just before!

My Thoughts?

Overall, I really do like this brand. I like that they are affordable, they have some stunning coloured and they have a great fit. I didn’t like the fact these snag up so easily and I have markings on them, but I won’t let that stop me from saying that I would still recommend them. I really think they are great – and I want them in every colour now!

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