Plastic Lovers Wet Look Holdups

And back into wet look we go! Now this time I haven’t paired it with an outfit as I wanted to review this piece on their own. Honestly, this is a pair I would potentially keep for the bedroom only unless I was dressing up for Halloween; to me I find them really out there and being perceived in the wrong way entirely!

I have done 2 wet look holdups before… And the reviews of them are below (they open in a new tab):

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The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: ES (Small)

Denier & Materials: Unknown

Website: Plastic Lovers Website


The Review

The Packaging: now as these were ordered on my behalf, I don’t think I received the full packaging (although I have a feeling this is it to be honest) as it is coming all the way from Asia!

The front and back of the packaging don’t really give anything away to be honest; you just gotta get in and unwrap!

Now as these are a PU feel (I wouldn’t class this as latex as it isn’t shiny enough), these are super soft and really thick. I was pretty surprised when I pulled them out that they were going to be like this. I half expected something cheap and tacky (I fell bad for thinking this now).

So as you can see, these have a few markings on them before I got them on and one thing that did grab my attention was the weirdness of the feet and heel section; I shall delve deeper into that in a bit.


Getting Them On: so getting these on, they were so easy to roll up the legs. The inside of them are so soft and lined (not too sure what material) but they easily made their way up without any issues whatsoever. I did my usual scrunch and roll as I wasn’t too sure what they would be like if I just pulled them up the leg!

They were fine going over anklets as well 🙂


On The Legs: oh my goodness! I am loving the way these fit and feel on the legs you know!  They have got to be one of the best fits  you can get in this material! They shape so nicely and hardly crinkle (I had it under the knees mainly but not much around the ankles).

These are literally like a rubber glove on the legs; I kid you not!

I wish I knew the denier of them as these are fully blacked out and even stretched, you don’t see any inch of the legs through them. They are such a smooth even finish I really should let the images do the talking as I went mad with taking shots!

The quality of these are real good; I didn’t have any issues with them apart from those markings when I first got them out the packaging. These are real hard to damage, so you know you’re getting a good product here!

The shine on these things are to die for; I feel they are more of a matte black finish with a subtle shine rather than how latex looks (pure oily shine).


The Toes & Ankle: now normally I don’t take many images for this bit, but I had to show it off fully as I was super impressed with this part. Not only did they fit like a rubber glove on my legs, they did on the feet too!

So firstly the toes have plenty of wiggle room and you know these are reinforced for sure with the thickness around them. They had no extra material hanging around which I was super impressed with. They fit to the T!

Now the heel is that weird bobble bit (top left image) and I can see why they do that – to give you the perfect finish leading up to the ankles. They fit so well around my heel that you don’t get gaping material which moves away from the skin. This means around the ankles you get a lovely smooth finish rather than wrinkles on wrinkles!

I absolutely love the way they have created these; one of the best I have ever been in!


The Bands: now the bands are super slim on these. I feel they wanna look like you’re wearing boots than holdups you know with how flush they make it against the legs. These held up real well and to think it was that one small silicone band that was managing to do all of this!

As you can see, I showed some images of what it looks like on the inside so you know that they will be comfortable against the legs; no rubbing, no itching etc.

The only thing you would need to be wary of is the markings you will get from the silicone band(naturally) which does fade after a little while.



My Thoughts?

If you have read this whole blog and seen the amount of images, then you will know my answer to this bit… I absolutely love them! I was hesitant at first, but once I got into them I knew these were the real deal. I love the way they look and feel on the legs, and the way they are made is something I have never seen before in my life!

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    1. PS Soni are you sure you did 2?? You blogged a new brand last time, kinda wet look too. Can’t recall. Was in a huge gift package as you posred on insta.